Who can I contact to ask questions about Data Science?

Data Science Major

How and when can I declare the L&S Data Science major?

  • Students can declare the Data Science major anytime once they have completed the prerequisite courses (Data 8, CS 61A/88, CS 61B, Math 54/Stat 89A, and Calculus I & II). See more details on the Declaring the Major page.

Do you accept AP credit for the major?

  • The Data Science BA accepts Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate and A-Level exam credit for the calculus requirements, per the UC Berkeley Math department guidelines(link is external)
  • We do not accept AP or other high school exam credit toward any other requirements in the major besides calculus, including the Domain Emphasis.

Is the Data Science major a B.A. or B.S.? 

  • Like all other majors in the College of Letters & Science, the Data Science degree awards a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.). 

I've advanced beyond Data 8. Are there any other ways to meet the Data 8 requirement for the major?

  • For students admitted prior to Fall 2018, we allow a "grandfathered" option to substitute for Data 8 if completed no later than Spring 2019:

    • Stat 20, 21, 131A, or 135 and

    • CS 61A or ENGIN 7

I'm interested in doing the EdX course, Data 8X, online. Will this satisfy the Data 8 requirement for the major?

  • No, unfortunately Data 8X doesn't have all the content of Data 8, and does not transfer academic credit.

I may want to major in Data Science, but I’ve already declared (or I’m on the pathway to declaring) another major. What should I do?

  • Talk to a Data Science advisor about the possibility of adding a double major or changing your major. 

Will I be able to double major?

Will there be a GPA threshold? Will this be a capped major?

  • We hope to meet as much student demand as we can. 

  • All of the lower-division prerequisites to declare must be completed with a grade earned of 'C-' or higher, and students will need to achieve a 2.0 Grade Point Average in Data 8, Linear Algebra, and Data Structures to be eligible to declare.

  • See more details on the major requirements page.

I already completed one or more of the courses for the major on a Pass/Not Pass basis. Will they be accepted?

  • In order to accommodate students who took major requirements P/NP prior to the approval of the major, we will accept grades of "Passed" for courses taken to satisfy the lower-division prerequisites needed to declare when completed in Summer 2018 or earlier. No petition process will be necessary, and a "Passed" grade will be considered a "C-" for GPA calculation for eligibility purposes. Students will still need to ensure they meet the 2.0 GPA in Data 8, Linear Algebra, and Data Structures to declare the major. Courses taken P/NP after Summer 2018 will not be accepted. 

What kind of priority (if any) will Data Science majors receive for enrollment in EECS/CS or Statistics classes?

  • We are working with Computer Science and Statistics to determine whether Data Science majors will receive enrollment priority for particular classes. We are also working together to ensure that class sizes are appropriate to meet student demand from Data Science majors, and expect that students will be able to enroll in the classes required for the major before their expected graduation date. The major is constructed to allow students to take other options outside CS and Statistics to meet major requirements as well, and students are encouraged to explore them.

What kind of priority (if any) will Data Science majors receive for enrollment in classes for the domain emphases?

  • We are working with the departments that host many of the popular courses on the Domain Emphasis lists to determine whether Data Science majors will receive enrollment priority for those classes. The domains are designed to draw from several courses so students should have multiple opportunities to complete two upper division courses.

Can I change my Domain Emphasis after I declare?

  • Yes, students may request to change their Domain Emphasis through the same application form that they used to apply to declare the major, by submitting an updated Data Science BA worksheet.

If I already declared, can I request to enroll in more than 20.5 units?

  • Course Loads of less than 13 units(link is external) must be approved by the College of Letters and Science. Once declared, course loads of more than 20.5 units must be approved by your major advisor.

  • TIP: We recommend that you attend all sections of your proposed schedule in the first two weeks of classes. This will help you assess whether or not you are able to keep up with all of your planned courses.

  • NOTE: In most cases, approvals are granted only for those students whose record demonstrates a history of strong academic performance with full course loads. Also, requests to enroll in more than 20.5 units for the single purpose of “shopping” for courses is discouraged and will not be approved.

  • If you are declared in more than one major, you must receive approval from the Undergraduate Major Advisor for each of your majors.

  • If you wish to enroll in more than 20.5 units, please submit a request for a maximum unit increase(link is external). All requests will be reviewed beginning the third week of instruction. (The form will be available from the second week of enrollment until the day before the add/drop deadline).