Faculty & Staff





Other Affiliations

David Culler

Interim Dean of Data Sciences

Professor of Electrical Engineering & Computer Sciences

Cathryn Carson

Faculty Lead, Data Science Education Program

Professor of History

Carlyn Chinen

Executive Assistant to Dean Culler

Judith Coyote

Interim Manager, Division of Data Sciences

Ryan Edwards

Curriculum Coordinator

Research Associate, Berkeley Population Center

Christopher Hench

Modules Program Manager

DLab, Digital Humanities, BIDS, Department of German Studies

Leti McNeil Light

Executive Director, Strategic Initiatives

Samy Abdel-Ghaffar

Graduate Curriculum Researcher

DLab / Department of Psychology

Ryan Lovett

Datahub System Administrator

Department of Statistics

Yuvi Panda

Datahub Infrastructure Lead Developer


Josh Quan 

Data Librarian

Data Lab, Library

Mariah Rogers

Data Science Undergraduate Major Advisor

Data Scholars Coordinator

Anthony Suen

Student Relations and Programs Coordinator

Vinitra Swamy

Data 8 Infrastructure

5th Year M.S. Program, Computer Science

Claudia von Vacano

Data Scholars Program Partner

DLab and Digital Humanities Executive Director

Eric Van Dusen

Curriculum Coordinator

Lecturer, International Area Studies

Sasha Villacis

Strategic Initiatives - Principal Gifts

Undergraduate Student Staff





Team Role

Kyle Nguyen

Statistics, 2019

Student Project Manager

Eleanor Fleming

Cognitive Science, 2019

Diversity, Outreach and Communications Intern - Video Content

Aspen Hsu

Mathematics, 2019

Connector Assistant Team Lead and DeCal Instructor

Julian Kudszus

Computer Science, 2018

Modules Program Coordinator

Subiksha Mani

Computer Science, 2019

Student Experience Research Lead

Aditya Sheth

Computer Science & Physics, 2020

Modules Team Lead

Andrea Tu


Administrative Assistant

Ronald Walker

Economics, 2018

Modules Team Lead, DeCal Instructor, Data-Enabled Course Focus


Zac Dehkordi

Computer Science, 2019

Technology Engagement and Support, Connectors

Nikita Gupta

Nikita Gupta

Computer Science, 2020

Human Resources Intern

Benjamin Kim

Benjamin Kim

Computer Science, 2020

Discovery Intern, Data Scholars Seminar Facilitator

Glenn Parham

Glenn Parham

Data Science, 2020

Pathways Intern, Data Scholars Seminar Facilitator

Savannah Gray

Savannah Gray

Economics, 2020

Diversity, Outreach and Communications Intern - Strategy

Harim Lee

Harim Lee

Molecular and Cellular Biology, 2020

Diversity, Outreach and Communications Intern - Strategy

Alicia Kim

Alicia Kim

Cognitive Science, 2019

Diversity, Outreach and Communications Intern - Articles

Violet Sinnarkar

Violet Sinnarkar Statistics, 2020 Nexus Program Coordinator
Wilton Wu

Wilton Wu Computer Science, 2018 Technology Engagement and Support, Data 8X