data science research graph

Data science is advanced across Berkeley and integral to a wide range of domains. Faculty and students are pushing forward frontiers from fundamental research to advanced applications. Here are some of the institutes and centers advancing data science across UC Berkeley.

Affiliated Research Centers

BIDS (Berkeley Institute for Data Science)

BIDS is a central hub of research and education at UC Berkeley designed to facilitate and nurture data-intensive science.


D-Lab serves data intensive social science and humanities with in-depth consulting and advising, access to staff support, and training and provisioning for software and other infrastructure needs. 

CDAR (Consortium for Data Analytics in Risk)  

CDAR will bring together researchers from across UC Berkeley and build upon the programs of the Center for Risk Management Research (CRMR), an existing unit dedicated to understanding the dynamics of risk in financial markets.

Fisher Center for Business Analytics 

The Fisher Center for Business Analytics pursues its vision through research, education, and accelerating the diffusion and adoption of analytics throughout all aspects of business and management.

CGRL (Computational Genomics Resource Laboratory) 

The mission of the QB3 Computational Genomics Resource Laboratory (CGRL) is to serve as a focal point for scientists interested in the comprehensive analysis of next generation sequencing data.


The RISELab develops technologies that enable applications to interact intelligently and securely with their environment in real time.

The Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research also has list of data science research centers and programs.

Supported Research Programs

Data Science Discovery Program 

This joint program by the Berkeley Institute of Data Sciences and the Division of Data Sciences, provides undergraduates more opportunities to engage in hands-on, team-based discovery opportunities leveraging data science by connecting them with cutting-edge graduate student/postdoc research projects, community impact groups, entrepreneurship ventures, and educational initiatives across UC Berkeley.

Signature Innovation Fellows 

The Signatures Innovation Fellows Program supports innovative research by UC Berkeley researchers in the data science and technology areas with a special focus on projects that hold commercial promise.