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data systems

UC Berkeley Powers Up to Lead in Data Systems

In recent years, many developments in the increasingly critical and complex field of data systems have been industry-driven, and as a result have focused more on industry concerns, like advertising and ride share routes. But UC Berkeley’s investment in a robust complement of faculty with data systems expertise positions the University to address broader issues, such as protecting privacy and enabling non-programmers to more easily and effectively use data.

climate change

“Data for Good” Fellowship Awardee Fights Climate Change with Data Science Communications

I School MIDS student Ben Arnoldy has been awarded the Fall 2019 Jack Larson Data Science for Good Fellowship for his work involving the use of data science to educate the public on climate change and pollution.


D-Lab Receives NSF Grant to Support Evaluation and Expansion of Berkeley’s Data Science Education Model

The National Science Foundation (NSF) has awarded UC Berkeley a $3 million grant to evaluate and expand its data science curriculum to ensure it is accessible to a broad range of students.

climate change

Why We Need Data Science in the Fight for Climate Justice

Understanding, communicating about, and addressing climate change is a large-scale and multifaceted information challenge that information and data science methodologies can and should help address, Catherine Cronquist Browning, Assistant Dean of Academic Programs and of Equity and Inclusion at the School of Information, writes on Berkeley Blog. She shines a light on important work underway across campus, and highlights other opportunities for information and data scientists to help take on this critical challenge. (UC Berkeley photo by Irene Yi)

Data 102 Jordan

New Course Takes Data Science to the Next Level

The latest addition to the core data science curriculum, Data 102: Data, Inference, and Decisions, gives students the chance to explore concepts and research that are rarely, if ever, offered at the undergraduate level. Building on earlier courses in the data science sequence, the course enables students to dig deeper into inferential concepts and the implications of data analysis, and to apply their understanding to real-world projects. (Photo courtesy of Fernando Perez)

A Suen award

Chancellor's Outstanding Staff Award for Anthony Suen

Anthony Suen, who launched and runs the popular data science Discovery Program, along with an array of other cross-campus initiatives, was among those receiving the 2019 Chancellor's Outstanding Staff Award in a ceremony this month. The award comes in recognition of Anthony’s contributions empowering students, forging connections, and advancing strategic innovations across the Division of Data Science and Information, campus, and beyond.

Data 8 Fall 2019

Data Science Minor Cleared for Launch!

The College of Letters & Science, College of Natural Resources, and College of Chemistry have approved the new data science minor, a program designed to serve students from a range of majors. Approval processes across the campus continue, with the hope of making the minor available to as many Berkeley students as possible this academic year.