Human Context & Ethics Workshop

New workshop to be held June 11-12 at the Academic Innovation Studio

The Jupyterhub Journey: Starting Small and Scaling Up

Learn how Jupyterhub powers the data science across UC Berkeley for thousands of students


Data Science Nexus

Nexus Connects a Community of Data Science Students

data science modules

Modules: Data Made Accessible to Many

1,300 undergraduates at Berkeley interacted with data science modules in 24 different classes.

Enabling discovery, innovation and learning

Data-intensive research and innovation are powering conceptual and technological breakthroughs, enabling new modes of academic discovery, and offering new paths to addressing the world’s most urgent societal challenges. Berkeley’s deep strength in data science derives from its world-leading researchers, programs, and institutes across a diverse array of domains.

A key component of Berkeley’s rich data science ecosystem is the Division of Data Sciences, which offers an interdisciplinary curriculum that provides a foundation for Berkeley undergraduates of all majors to engage capably and critically with data. We invite you to explore our dynamic, diverse community through this website and our social media channels.