How you can support our work

Berkeley’s strength in diverse areas of computing and data science has been growing for decades, and that growth has accelerated along with the field in recent years.

Leading through the power of data & computing

Drawing on the comprehensive excellence of Berkeley, the College of Computing, Data Science, and Society (CDSS) is positioned to fully harness the power of data and computing so that we can lead the way in biomedicine, engineering, environmental science, ethical and responsible Artificial Intelligence, and many other critical disciplines.

Your support will help bring about much needed change

Your support will provide much needed flexible resources to advance innovations in computing, data science, information, and statistics; found new multidisciplinary academic fields to address questions of societal significance; and empower students to engage with data capably and ethically as citizens and leaders.

Every contribution makes an immediate, positive impact

There are many giving opportunities to help us continue to cultivate the vibrant and collaborative environment that has established Berkeley as a leader in this dynamic, interdisciplinary field.

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