Data Science Minor

Minor Requirements

Grading and Overlap Rules

How to Declare and Complete the Minor

Frequently Asked Questions

Based on changes to L&S and campus policy, courses completed at UC Berkeley with a grade of Pass in Spring 2020, Fall 2020, Spring 2021 or Summer 2021 will count toward Data Science minor requirements. Please see the L&S P/NP policy modifications for more information.

Effective Fall 2019: UC Berkeley requires all students to declare a minor at least 1 semester in advance of graduation.

Effective Fall 2021: The class registration system enforces completion of the required pre/co-requisites to enroll in Data C100. Please see our Data 001 Piazza post for full details.

The Minor in Data Science at UC Berkeley aims to provide students with practical knowledge of the methods and techniques of data analysis, as well as the ability to think critically about the construction and implications of data analysis and models. The minor will empower students across the wide array of campus disciplines with a working knowledge of statistics, probability, and computation that allow students not just to participate in data science projects, but to design and carry out rigorous computational and inferential analysis for their field of interest.

The minor in Data Science has been approved for all undergraduate students (except those pursuing a BA in Data Science).

Requirements for the Data Science Minor

Lower Division Requirements
1. Foundations Data C8 (CompSci/Stat/Info C8)
2. Programming CompSci 88 or CompSci 61A or ENGIN 7
3. Probability

Stat 88 or CivEng 93 or CompSci 70 or Math 10B or Math 55

(Students may choose to substitute Stat 134, Stat 140, IND ENG 172, or EECS 126. If counted here, the same course will not also count toward the upper-division electives in the minor.)

Data 8 Substitutions:

  • All Students in Summer 2021 or Fall 2021: Students may petition to substitute Statistics 20, if taken in Summer 2021 or Fall 2021, for Data 8 toward the Data Science major or minor; this option is not available for students who take Engin 7 for their Program Structures requirement.
  • All Students Through Spring 2021: Students may substitute Statistics 20, if completed by the end of Spring 2021, for Data 8 toward the Data Science major or minor; this option is not available for students who take Engin 7 for their Program Structures requirement. No petition is required.
Upper Division Requirements

1-Course Core Pathway

The 1-course core pathway requires completion of at least 2 semesters of calculus and 1 semester of linear algebra. In its current implementation, Data 100 uses Python.

2-Course Core Pathway

The 2-course core pathway requires 1 semester of calculus. In its current implementation, Stat 131A and 133 use R.

1. Gateway

Data 100 (CS/Stat C100) - Principles & Techniques of Data Science

(Enforced Prerequisites: Data C8; CS 61A or 88 or Engin 7. Enforced Corequisite: Math 54 or EE 16A.)

Data/Stat 131A - Statistical Methods for Data Science and

Stat 133 - Concepts in Computing with Data

2. Human Contexts & Ethics Choose ONE from: AMERST/AFRICAM 134 or C134, BIO ENG 100, CY PLAN 101, DATA C104/HIST C184D/STS C104, DIGHUM 100, ESPM C167/PBHLTH C160, INFO 188, ISF 100J, NWMEDIA 151AC, PHILOS 121

Choose ONE from: AMERST/AFRICAM 134 or C134, BIO ENG 100, CY PLAN 101, DATA C104/HIST C184D/STS C104, DIGHUM 100, ESPM C167/PBHLTH C160, INFO 188, ISF 100J, NWMEDIA 151AC, PHILOS 121


Choose TWO from the approved electives list

Choose ONE from the approved electives list

Grading Rules

  1. All courses for the minor must be taken for a letter grade.
  2. Students must earn a C- or better in each course, and have a minimum 2.0 GPA in all courses towards the minor.

Overlap Rules*

Please note that the Data Science minor is offered by the Division of Computing, Data Science and Society and overlap policies differ from minors offered by other Schools or Colleges. Please read this section carefully.

*Please also be sure to check with your home College about any overlap rules that may apply to minors. If your College has a different policy, the most restrictive policy applies.

  1. Students may overlap up to 1 course in the upper division requirements for the Data Science minor with each of their majors (for example, a Computer Science major may count COMPSCI/STAT C100 toward both their major and the Data Science minor).
  2. A maximum of one course offered by or cross-listed with the student’s major department(s) may count toward the data science minor upper-division requirements, including any overlapping course (for example, if a Computer Science major takes COMPSCI/STAT C100 toward the Data Science minor, this is the only COMPSCI, ELENG, or EECS course which may count toward the upper-division requirements for the minor).
  3. An upper-division course used to fulfill a lower-division requirement (for example, Stat 134 to fulfill the probability requirement) will not be counted toward the maximum 1 course allowed to overlap with the major, nor will it fulfill one of the four upper division course requirements.
  4. There is no restriction on overlap with another minor.
  5. Students may not earn both a BA in Data Science and a minor in Data Science. 

Step 1. Declaring the Minor

Criteria to declare:

  • Data 8 completed with a C- or better, and 
  • 2 additional courses toward the minor completed or in progress in the current term


Submit on online application to declare the minor by the deadline.

The application form is available from the 4th week of classes through Friday of RRR week in each term, including summer. 

Applications are reviewed twice per semester, in the middle and at the end of the term. Once approved, the Data Science minor will appear on your student record in CalCentral.


You must submit your application to declare the Data Science minor at least one semester in advance of your Expected Graduation Term (the last day of RRR week or, if the semester before your final term is summer, the deadline is the final Friday of Summer Sessions). You can check your Expected Graduation Term (EGT) on CalCentral.

Exceptions will be granted for students graduating in Spring 2020 and Summer 2020 only.

Step 2: Completing the Minor

Requirements to complete:

  • All 7 courses completed with a letter grade of C- or better in each, and 2.0 overall GPA in the minor by the end of your final term


In your final semester, fill out the Data Science Minor Completion form and obtain a signature from your major advisor. Students with more than one major should complete one form for each major.

Scan and submit your completed and signed form to our Minor Completion online form for final approval.

Once approved, the Data Science minor will appear on your UC Berkeley transcript. Minors do not appear on the diploma.


You must submit your Data Science Minor Completion form by the last day of RRR Week in your Expected Graduation Term (or, if your final term is summer, the deadline is the final Friday of Summer Sessions).

Forms will not be accepted earlier than the term in which you expect to graduate, regardless of when you complete the requirements for the minor.