Data Science Advising

Based on changes to L&S and campus policy, courses completed at UC Berkeley with a grade of Pass in Spring 2020 will count toward Data Science major and minor requirements, including prerequisites to declare the major. Please see the L&S Spring 2020 P/NP policy updates for more information.

Have an Undeclared 75+ Unit Hold?
If you have met with a Data Science advisor already to discuss your progress toward the major during Spring 2020, please email us at with your student ID number and the name of the advisor you met with. If you are on track to declare the major, we will release your hold within 3 business days. If you have not met with a Data Science advisor during the current term, please schedule an appointment online on CalCentral or visit us during our drop-in advising hours to discuss your progress toward the major and future academic plans.

Academic advisors are available to help students choose classes, explore academic interests, and declare the major.

Meet the Data Science Advisors

Laura Imai Advisor Headshot

Laura Imai

Director of Advising

Marjorie Ensor Advisor Headshot

Marjorie Ensor

Data Science Advisor

Amanda Dillon Advisor Headshot

Amanda Dillon

Data Science Advisor

Aaron Giacosa Advisor Headshot

Aaron Giacosa

Data Science Advisor

Types of Advising

Drop-in advising for Data Science is available from both staff advisors and peer advisors. Staff advisors are also available for advising by appointments. Please see the chart below for help deciding who you would like to meet with: 

Appointment with Major Advisors for: Major Advisor Drop-Ins for: Peer Advising Drop-Ins for:

- Creating a 2-Year or 4-Year Program Plan
- Double Majors or Simultaneous Degrees
- Graduation or Degree Check (APR Corrections)
- Study Abroad Planning
- Registration holds
- Probation 
- Obtaining an Advisor Signature (except declaring or adding a major)

- General Information about the major
- Quick questions or clarifications 
- Choosing classes (i.e. course workload)
- Advice on Program Planning
- Other Resources on Campus

- Information about the major or minor
- How to declare the major
- Choosing classes (i.e. course workload)
- Creating a 2-Year or 4-Year Program Plan
- Data Science affiliated student organizations
- Division of Data Sciences Student Opportunities
- Internships
- Research opportunities
- Choosing a domain emphasis (see Peer Advisor biographies for their select domain emphases)

Advising Appointments

Current students may schedule an advising appointment with a Data Science Major Advisor on CalCentral.

In-person appointments are held at 436 and 442 Evans Hall. To view availability for online-only appointments, please select “Google Hangouts advising” as your reason for the appointment.

Click here for instructions on making an advising appointment via CalCentral. Note that if you are not a declared Data Science major, you will need to select Data Science from the dropdown menu for Advisor Type.

Drop-in Advising Hours 

For Spring Semester 2020: Data Science Drop-in Advising is taking place online on Google Hangouts.

  1. To sign in (join the waiting list) during drop-in hours, please click here button
  2. Once you have signed in, check your waiting position on the PUBLIC QUEUE.
  3. When your name reaches the top of the list, check your UC Berkeley email account for an email from a Data Science Advisor with a link to join your online Google Hangouts session. Depending on the number of advisors available, this email may take up to 10-15 minutes to arrive.
  4. Join your Google Hangouts session within 5 minutes of receiving the email.

You will not be able to sign in if drop-in hours have not started or have already ended. Sign-ins may end early if the waiting list is already too long for advisors to see all waiting students.

You can also view the current waitlist to check your position or see how many other students are already waiting.

Other Advising Resources

All interested students are encouraged to take advantage of other advising resources on campus:

  • Join our Piazza forum to view our responses to previously asked questions, and to ask your own questions:

  • For questions about enrollment in classes, please contact an advisor in the department offering the course. The Data Science program does not currently manage any courses directly.

Data Science Newsletter

Check out the latest Data Science Newsletter to learn about internships, job postings, competitions, and recruiting events available for data science students. 

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    To join our mailing list to receive the Data Science Newsletter, please visit is external) and click "Join". 

    To request to add your student opportunity, upcoming event, or data science related news to our Data Science Newsletter, please submit a response on our Newsletter Posting Google Form(link is external)

    Peer Advising

    Students can meet with a Data Science Peer Advisor during the Fall and Spring semester in 3rd Floor Moffitt Library on a drop-in basis. Peer Advisors are not available during the Summer. Visit our Peer Advising page to meet the Peer Advisors and to see their schedule. 



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