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The Division of Computing, Data Science, and Society (CDSS) is in search of new talent to join our fast-growing team. Please see the available opportunities below to apply today. 

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Academic Job Opportunities 

Lecturer, Division of Computing, Data Science, and Society (CDSS)

CDSS is seeking outstanding instructors to be appointed in the non-Senate Lecturer title series who can teach small and large courses in several areas. We are particularly interested in instructors who can combine computational and inferential thinking in a way that reflects the new field of Data Science Education.

Staff Job Opportunities

Executive Director, Berkeley Institute for Data Science (0379U)

Job ID: 21046
The executive director of the Berkeley Institute for Data Science will act as the primary point of contact between the Institute and its foundation, government, and industry donors and funders; identify and enlist the faculty and researchers from CDSS and the broader UC Berkeley community who are needed to cultivate gifts and develop grant proposals; and manage relationships with key decision-makers and influencers from foundations, government, and industry. They will develop and implement the strategic goals, objectives, and directions of the Institute, and determine the requisite resource allocations and financing plans to achieve the goals and sustain the institute, conferring with the Faculty Directors and the Faculty Council. They will also oversee the major research, training, and community-building programs at BIDS such as the invited speaker series, the Cross Domain Initiatives (XDs), and multiple research fellowship programs for graduate students and postdoctoral scholars. They will identify and enlist the faculty and staff needed to ensure the compelling and high-quality programs for which the Institute is recognized. 

Executive Director, West Big Data Innovation Hub (0379U) 

Job ID: 20953 

The Executive Director of the West Big Data Innovation Hub (West Hub) provides senior management and leadership of a multi-institution and multidisciplinary research effort.  UC Berkeley serves as the home for the West Hub, one of a network of four regional efforts seeded by the National Science Foundation.   Along with partner institutions, The University of Washington eScience Institute and the San Diego Supercomputer Center at UC San Diego, UC Berkeley serves as the central organizational point for the West Hub, which brings together academia, industry, government, and non-profit organizations from across a 13 state region.  Having the hub centered at Berkeley provides a highly visible campus leadership position in Big Data and Data Science, and provides additional opportunities for researchers across the campus.

Director of External Relations (0379U)

Job ID: 20945

This position serves as the inaugural Director of External Relations for the Division of Computing, Data Science, and Society (CDSS) and will be responsible for establishing and developing industry partnerships, identifying funding opportunities with various public and private contract and grant agencies, and, through this work, developing and growing career services and internship opportunities for our students and alumni. In order to achieve the financial goals of the division, this position will establish, from the ground up, an organization focused on representing CDSS and strengthening CDSS’ positioning on the state, local, national, and global levels, primarily with external agencies and groups in the industry. Additionally, the incumbent will be responsible for establishing and building an active and committed alumni network. In partnership with CDSS's Chief Development Officer, the incumbent will be responsible for securing external financial support to sustain the division's growth and development and to manage relationships with our donors. The incumbent will work with industry partners and granting agencies, campus government relations, and alumni in support of the priorities of the Associate Provost and Dean (APD) for CDSS. The incumbent is a member of a collaborative senior leadership team including the APD, Associate Deans, Executive Assistant Dean (EAD), Chief Development Officer (CDO), Chief Technical Advisor (CTA), and Department Chairs. Working closely with the APD, EAD, CDO, and CTA, establishes and staffs the CDSS Industry Advisory Group.

Facilities Manager (5195U

Job ID: 20707

CDSS seeks a motivated, collaborative, and creative facilities management professional to manage all phases of small and medium-sized research, instructional, and administrative-based renovation projects. This includes the facilities management, long-range planning, organization, coordination, oversight, and performance of multiple operational activities and services for CDSS in the following campus buildings: Hearst Field Annex B, McLaughlin Hall, Social Sciences Building, Warren Hall, and participation in the planning for the Gateway Building.

Responsibilities include directing the general building maintenance, building/space renovations, project development/management, space planning, move planning and coordination, resource management, call center triage and overseeing of repair services, and development of procedures, policies, and communications related to infrastructure and safety. The position will be responsible for leading and managing facilities services for CDSS in an evolving post-Covid work environment.

Course Coordinator (4523U) 

Job ID: 004523

The Course Coordinator oversees Academic Student Employee hiring to ensure accurate and timely offers and hiring requests for all GSIs, Readers, and Tutors each semester. They will work with the Director of Academic Support Services and others to conduct student/course enrollment trend analysis, assess budgetary constraints for temporary academic support needs, and provide recommendations and updates to leadership in support of the department’s academic and financial operations. They are also responsible for scheduling courses and all rooms for all DATA courses (lectures, sections, tutoring space, rooms for course staff meetings, special rooms for student accommodations), etc. 

Job ID: 17669

The First Review Date for this job is: 5/21/21

CLTC seeks a Program Director to lead a flagship research program in public interest cybersecurity, and represent the program to outside partners and supporters. The role is highly entrepreneurial, and the Program Director will have significant autonomy in designing and delivering program strategy. The Program Director is responsible for establishing new partnerships across academia, industry, government, and civil society, and will be evaluated on the ability to grow the program’s reach and impact.  The Program Director should have extensive research and/or practical experience with the unique digital security needs of under-resourced public interest organizations (such as public agencies, nonprofits, and independent journalism and advocacy organizations), and the ability to formulate basic and applied research solutions to address these growing needs.

The Program Director will understand the importance of strategic communications in an academic setting, and oversee public relations, strategic communications, and events (conferences and other public forums) for the program.  The Program Director will work under the direction of CLTC's faculty and executive directors, and will closely collaborate with the School of Information's Adjunct Professor in Cybersecurity, who teaches the Citizen Clinic practicum.

Data/Finance Analyst (Institutional Research Analyst 3 - 6948U)

Job ID: 16537

The First Review Date for this job is:  4/1/21

The Data/Finance Analyst independently applies skills and experience as a seasoned business and data analytics professional to projects of medium size at all levels of complexity, or to portions of large, multidimensional projects to resolve highly complex issues.

The incumbent creates and maintains forecasting models for financial and student planning purposes, as well as prioritizes campus goals for diversifying the student body and assuring equity of experience, able to partner with analysts and leadership in the Division of Equity & Inclusion.

The individual will create research modalities including survey design and execution, automated processing of data from campus APIs, and diverse needs assessment across the Division. The Data/Finance Analyst creates easily consumed data visualizations for senior management audiences.