Job Opportunities

We are hiring! The Division is creating pathbreaking research and educational opportunities for a world where data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence inform policy and practice in virtually every arena. Join our dynamic, innovative, and growing team!

Current opportunities:

Discovery Program Manager (7398U) 
Job ID: 6779
Application Review Date: The First Review Date for this job is 3/23/20

The Discovery Program Manager position involves running an innovative data science practicum to be scaled up to meet the demand of 1000+ data science majors. The Discovery PM will be responsible for recruiting both students and project partners and ensuring a reward experience for all stakeholders. The Discovery PM will also manage and mentor up to 10 student interns throughout the semester.

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Divisional Finance Leader (7710U) 

Job ID: 5162
Application Review Date: The First Review Date for this job is 3/16/20

The Divisional Finance Leader will interpret, develop and implement financial concepts for financial planning, resource planning, and control of the organizational budget. As well as. analyze and prepare recommendations for financial plans, including annual resource allocations, future requirements, and operational forecasts. Learn more and to apply, please visit

Data Analyst (4959U) 
Job ID: 6396
Application Review Date: The First Review Date for this job is 3/13/20

This position involves analysis of complex business, academic, and curricular problems using data and research design to provide insight to decision-makers. Identifies and interprets trends and patterns in datasets to locate influences. Develops forecasts, recommendations, and strategic/tactical plans based on business data and custom-built databases on data education courses and approved course exceptions. Works with senior management (Associate Provost, Chief Administrative Officer, Associate Deans, Data Science Governance Committee) and campus partners to understand and prioritize data and information requirements. Creates specifications for reports and analysis based on student needs like student access to classes and seats served for declared majors in the impacted unit. Optimizes the performance of enterprise business intelligence tools (CalAnswers, Campus Solutions) by defining data to filter and index that add value to the Division.

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Director of Equity & Inclusion (4502U) 
Job ID: 6128
Application Review Date: The First Review Date for this job is 3/4/20

The Division is seeking a Director of Equity & Inclusion / Academic Achievement Counselor to provide leadership within the Data Science Education Program on Equity Inclusion and Diversity (EID) issues, and to work with Division senior leadership to carry out these goals. The Academic Achievement Counselor will also provide leadership, coordination, and oversight to the Data Scholars program.

This position is responsible for enhancing student academic success by building a more inclusive atmosphere, creating equitable engagement to achieve strategic goals through the Data Scholars Program and developing new initiatives to make the Division a welcoming educational community, and improving the morale and belonging of students from underrepresented and historically marginalized populations.

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Industrial Relations Events Coordinator (6298U)

Job ID: 5703
Application Review Date: The First Review Date for this job is 2/19/20

The Industrial Relations Events Coordinator is an integral part of the External Relations team, planning and organizing complex events relevant to the Associate Provost's Immediate Office and the Data Science Education Program. The Event Coordinator provides the full service of logistical support to ensure productions are successful in scope, time, and budget. This position will also grow ties between the Division and corporate partners, strengthening external relationships for better job placement opportunities for our students. Learn more and to apply, please visit

Academic Personnel Manager (7716U)
Job ID: 5167
Application Review Date: The First Review Date for this job is 2/4/20

The Academic Personnel Manager will develop and implement Academic Human Resources policies, labor contracts, statutes, programs, and procedures covering one or more of the following: academic recruitment, appointment, and advancement; compensation and salary administration; faculty welfare programs; visa procurement; benefits; payroll, etc.  Learn more here and to apply, please visit