Data Science Undergraduate Studies

Student Teams and Programs

Data Science Vision

The Data Science Undergraduate Studies student teams allow students to engage with university staff and faculty to help develop cutting-edge and multidisciplinary data science curriculum. Connecting computing, statistics, and the humanities, our student teams reach throughout campus and welcome students from all backgrounds to contribute to the success of our education program.

Our student teams and interns are instrumental in driving the efforts of the Division of Computing, Data Science, and Society forward. Our students function as researchers, curriculum developers, and ambassadors for data science throughout campus — they are the heart of our program!

General Information About the Application

Students from all backgrounds and disciplines are encouraged to apply to our student teams! Our recruitment opens every semester for both technical and non-technical roles in a wide variety of positions. Applications are grouped by team, so please pay attention to which application you're filling out for the position(s) you are interested in. You can learn more about our application and the current position openings on our application hub. You can learn more about our student teams below. Note that not all teams recruit every semester.

Any questions about the application or other data science opportunities should be directed to sends e-mail).

Recruitment Calendar


Application Period


Position Offers


Mid-July Late July to Early August Mid-August


Early November to Mid-November Late November Early December


Early April to Mid-April Late April Early May

Data Science Community

Additional opportunities for students looking to get involved with Data Science!

Discovery Research Program


The Data Science Discovery Program connects undergraduates with hands-on, team-based opportunities to contribute to cutting-edge data research projects with graduate and post-doctoral students, community impact groups, entrepreneurial ventures, and educational initiatives across UC Berkeley.


Data Scholars

Data Scholars addresses issues of underrepresentation in the data science community by establishing a community that is welcoming, educational, and empowering for underrepresented and nontraditional students. Launched in Fall 2016, it is especially suited for students who can bring diverse and positive contributions to the field of Data Science. The program offers specialized tutoring, advising, and workshops in a sequence of three 1-unit seminar courses.

Data Science Nexus

The Data Science Nexus is an alliance of undergraduate data science student organizations on campus that work together to build community, host networking opportunities, and provide academic support for students. In recognition of the extraordinarily diverse and multifaceted nature of data science, members of Nexus come from a variety of domains.

Discovery Exchange(link is external)

In response to the COVID-19 crisis, CDSS is launching the Discovery Exchange, an online hub for Berkeley students doing independent data science projects in Summer 2020 and beyond. The Discovery Exchange will provide a platform for Berkeley students to connect with their peers to real world projects, technical training, mentorship, and consulting!

Data Science Career Accelerator


The Data Science Career Accelerator connects undergraduates with paid summer internship opportunities with industry leading companies in a broad range of fields. Get matched to companies and organizations that match your background and expertise. Students from all backgrounds with data science skills are encouraged to apply!


Data Science Undergraduate Studies Student Teams

Curriculum Support Teams

Connector Course Assistants

Teach Data Science

Connector Assistants work with faculty and staff to support the Data 8 connector courses in a wide variety of disciplines. Connector courses weave together core concepts and approaches from Data 8 with complementary ideas or areas from other relevant fields. Along the way, students gain additional experience, broader insights, or deeper theoretical or computational foundations.

Human Contexts and Ethics

Ethical Data

The Human Contexts and Ethics team (HCE) is a passionate team that is dedicated to integrating critical thinking surrounding questions of ethics in technology into the Berkeley Data Science curriculum and community. Some of their work includes case study and dataset development for teaching and collaborative outreach on campus and online.

Data Science Modules

Develop Curriculum

The Modules team develops Jupyter notebooks for courses in a variety of departments throughout campus. Modules are short explorations into data science that give students the opportunity to work hands-on with a dataset relevant to their course or discipline and receive some instruction on the principles of data analysis, statistics, and computing.

Online Learning Services

Support Data 8X

The Online Learning Services (OLS) team primarily helps support the operations of Berkeley's online edX course, Data 8X, and develops new content on a variety of platforms. Students on the OLS team contribute to implementing a large-scale data science education intitiative in collaboration with industry professionals, extending their reach into the wider technology community.

Campus Support Teams

Data Peer Consulting

Data Science Support

Data Peer Consultants help make data science accessible across the broader campus community. They provide their data science expertise to students who need technical help with their research, personal projects, course work, or assignments. They also collaborate with the UC Berkeley Library, D-Lab, and Research IT on data literacy and data science technical workshops. 

Data Science Peer Advising

Major/Minor Advising

Peer Advisors complement the Data Science Advising services by sharing their diverse knowledge of and experiences with major and minor courses, different Data Science Major domain emphases, extracurriculars and student groups on campus, research opportunities, and various campus resources. They also host events such as Course Enrollment Night! Also included are the Transfer Mentors, whose primary responsibility is outreach over the summer to incoming Data Science-intended transfer students

Global Adoption Team

Global Data Science

The Global Adoption team works primarily to help grow a community of practice in data science pedagogy and infrastructure around the world, creating a national community of practice for institituions all over. The Global Adoption team helps the Data Science Undergraduate Studies with hosting institutions and professors from around the world during their annual Data Science Education workshop.

Infrastructure Team

Develop Software

The Infrastructure team develops and maintains infrastructure and autograding programs for widespread external use. Students in this team are at the exciting intersection between software development and data science education. Infrastructure developed by this team is used by tens of thousands of students online.

Program Support Teams

Discovery Operations

Research Support

The Discovery Operations team supports the Discovery Research Program — one of the largest research programs on campus. Students on this team are able to assist in workshop development and interface and check in with student researchers to gauge the overall health and progress of the program. This team is vital to maintaining a well-functioning and effective data science research program.

Human Resources and Management

Internal Projects

The Human Resources and Management Interns work closely with faculty and staff in the Data Science Undergraduate Studies student teams to ensure success within the program. Students have the opportunity to help facilitate inter-program communication and collaboration, interact with the student projects within all Data Science student teams, and provide assistance throughout the semester.

Communications Team

Marketing & Outreach

The Communications team is a small team of skilled students who focus on highlighting the projects and initiatives within the Division of Computing, Data Science, and Society both on- and off-campus. The Communications team helps manage online webpages and promotional materials for the Division and student teams, and has helped promote data science at events such as CalDay and the end-of-semester Data Science Showcase.

Strategic Operations

Assist Programs

The Strategic Operations team works closely with faculty, staff, and all of our student teams to develop short- and long-term tasks and goals. The Strategic Operations team is critical in planning events for the Data Science Undergraduate Studies student teams, and processing financial records for staff, faculty, and vendors. Students on this team also often assist with special projects and operations within the Data Science student teams as needed.