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Student Researchers

The majority of students participate in Discovery as Student Researchers. They can apply to projects of their interest and work in teams throughout the semester on a research or social impact project under the guidance of a project mentor. Student Researchers earn academic units as they complete their project with their team, but they do not enroll in a formally scheduled class. 


Fall 2023 Student Applications will open in August 2023.

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Research Partner

Discovery is dedicated to providing top-notch data science capacity to our project partners while also fostering a unique learning environment for our students. Project partners should design projects so that a team of students can be engaged over the course of a single or multiple semesters (a semester is about 12 weeks of work). Projects should include a strong data component, and a dataset must be available by the start of the semester. Project partners can submit multiple projects. 

Application deadline is November 18th.

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Help to support the Program

Berkeley offers a variety of opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students, including master's programs, PhD programs with data science emphases and training.