Empirical Examination of Corporate Rebranding and Trademarks

The Empirical Examination of  Corporate Rebranding  and Trademarks project’s long run objective aims to analyze the trademark revision activities of public traded companies in America and answer the following questions:

  • What kind of companies are engaged in name rebranding?
  • What factors motivated these activities?

Developing a geospatial knowledge graph for NGOs

The majority of corporate social responsibility (CSR) funding has been allocated to
(Non-Governmental Organizations ) NGOs in highly visible multinational organizations in urban
areas, while the majority of organizations are community-driven in rural and remote areas yet
receive nowhere near the same amount of funding.
Starting 2014, all Indian corporations satisfying a profit threshold were mandated to allocate a
minimum of 2% of their profits toward activities that benefit the public good through CSR. By

Dashboard/Model on Primary Health Delivery in Nigeria

Finally I worked on creating a dashboard in tableau. Me and a teammate collaborated to put
together a dashboard showing how Clafiya can improve the healthcare systems in Nigeria
overall. We also built a cost calculator where potential clients can input their healthcare costs
and get feedback on how much money they can save by using Clafiya.

Project Deliverable

Clinical text classification/information extraction to understand real-world treatment effects at a large, academic medical center

Our team is looking at applications of data science in health care. More specifically, we are
attempting to mine data from patients’ notes at UCSF department of gastroenterology. Our question is
whether we can build highly accurate classifiers to successfully predict whether a patient will have a
condition or not based on their previous notes, as well as various scanner reports such as CT and MRI
scanners. This is a novel approach towards diagnostic medicine and is one of the first projects in the field