The Business and Industrial Analytics domain emphasis allows students to explore the principles and methods of making data-driven decisions under uncertainty in the worlds of business and industry. Students will learn how to approach management decisions from economic, probabilistic, and computational perspectives, and how to analyze and manage risk.

From the lists shown below, students will select one course from the lower-division, and two courses from the upper-division. The lower division course is a required element of the Domain Emphasis.

Courses in this domain emphasis are often restricted by major to enroll, and several have extensive prerequisites. It may be difficult to complete this emphasis given these restrictions. Students are advised to make appropriate alternate plans.

Prerequisites are shown within square brackets.

Lower Division (select one)

  • ECON 1. Introduction to Economics (4 units)*
  • ECON 2. Introduction to Economics (4 units)*
  • MATH 53. Multivariable Calculus (4 units)

*For students completing the lower-division requirement outside of UC Berkeley at a college where microeconomics and macroeconomics are offered as separate courses, only microeconomics is required for the Data Science BA. However, note that full equivalence to Econ 1 may still be required as a prerequisite to other courses you wish to take at UC Berkeley.

Upper Division (select two)

  • ENGIN 120/ INDENG 120. Principles of Engineering Economics (3 units)
  • ENGIN 183, Sem 4. Future of Technology: How Innovators Critically Examine Game Changing and Time Wasting Technologies - approved only with this topic in Spring 2023 and Spring 2024
  • ENGIN 183C, Sem 2. Transforming Brain Health with Neurotech - approved only with this topic in Spring 2024
  • ENGIN 183C, Sem 3. SportsTech, Entrepreneurship & the Future of Sports - approved only with this topic in Spring 2024
  • ENGIN 183C, Sem 4. Designing Startups to Transform Society - approved only with this topic in Spring 2023 and Spring 2024
  • ENGIN 183D. Product Management - approved by exception only in Spring 2024
  • IND ENG 115. Industrial and Commercial Data Systems (3 units)
  • IND ENG 130. Methods of Manufacturing Improvement (3 units) [Prerequisites: Math 54, Probability]
  • IND ENG 153. Logistics Network Design and Supply Chain Management (3 units)
  • IND ENG 156. Healthcare Analytics [Recommended prerequisites: mathematical modeling, computer programming] - approved by exception only in Spring 2024 
  • IND ENG 166. Decision Analytics (3 units) [Prerequisite: Probability]
  • IND ENG 185, Sem 2. OpportunityTech and the Future of Work (4 units) - approved only with this topic in Spring 2022
  • UGBA 104. Introduction to Business Analytics (3 units)
  • UGBA 134. Introduction to Financial Engineering (3 units) [Prerequisite: UGBA 103]
  • UGBA 141. Production and Operations Management (3 units)
  • UGBA 142. Advanced Business Analytics (3 units) offered as UGBA 147 prior to Summer 2023
  • UGBA 161. Marketing Research: Data and Analytics (3 units) [Prerequisite: UGBA 106]
  • UGBA 167. Marketing Analytics (3 units) - approved only with this topic in Spring 2023

Unit values and prerequisites are subject to change. Please refer to for the most up-to-date course information.