As established in accordance with the approval process for the Data Science major, the Degree Programs Governance Committee provides a faculty body to:

  • establish policy for the conduct of degree programs developed through the Division in concert with other units on campus,

  • review and/or finalize initial requirements, course lists, qualification criteria, and evolution processes for approved degree programs,

  • consider changes to degree programs and faculty constituency,

  • approve student petitions,

  • define how specific committee responsibilities can be delegated to staff personnel, to faculty appointed in particular roles, or to subcommittees, and associated reporting,

  • provide oversight on agreements and understandings established with other units of campus in connection with the Data Science degree programs,

  • review annual reporting on composition and evolution of the degree programs,

  • communicate with campus on needs and opportunities of the degree programs,

  • advise the Dean of Data Sciences and departments on matters relating to resourcing, developing, or otherwise supporting the degree programs and students engaged with them.

The Governance Committee includes representatives from:

  • the faculty responsible for the Group Major (Academic Senate Reg. 810B), currently Statistics and EECS,

  • the Human Contexts and Ethics area,

  • the Domain Emphasis areas, and

  • members at large to provide balance and additional perspective.

Its composition is expected to evolve with the degree programs and as additional programs fall under its purview.  Initially it includes:

  • Associate Provost and Dean or delegate as chair,

  • Chair of Statistics or delegate, and another faculty member of the department,

  • Chair of EECS or delegate, and another faculty member of the department,

  • Two members representing Human Contexts and Ethics, and

  • Three members representing Domain Emphases or equivalent.

Current Membership:

John DeNero, Associate Dean, DSUS

Claire Tomlin, EECS

Lisa Yan, EECS

Haiyan Huang, Statistics

Giles Hooker, Statistics

David Bamman, Information

Carl Boettiger, Environmental Science, Policy and Management

David Harding, Sociology

Cathryn Carson, History

Nasser Zakariya, Rhetoric

Resources for Faculty and Staff

Information about submitting courses to count toward the Data Science major or minor requirements, or proposing a new Domain Emphasis.