Data Science Undergraduate Studies offers a variety of courses in the field of data science. These courses are open to all students and not just Data Science majors. Our goal is to educate students across disciplines to propel data science discovery, education, and impact. 

Data 4AC: Data and Justice 

Engages students with fundamental questions of justice in relation to data and computing in American society.

Data 8: Foundations of Data Science 

Designed for entry-level students from any major to learn the core concepts of inference and computing. 

Data 8X: Foundations of Data Science on edX

UC Berkeley and edX offer Data 8 digitally as a three-part online course. 

Data 100: Principles and Techniques of Data Science 

Explore the data science lifecycle, including question formation, data collection, and cleaning, etc.

Data 102: Data Inference and Decisions 

Develops the probabilistic foundations of decision-making in data science and builds a comprehensive view of the modeling and decision-making lifecycle un data science. 

Data c104: Human Contexts and Ethics of Data 

Teaches students to use the tools of applied historical thinking and Science, Technology, and Society (STS) to recognize, analyze, and shape the human contexts and ethics of data.