California Alliance for Data Science Education

June 2021 CADSE Panel

Panel2 California Alliance

February 2021 CADSE Meeting

California Alliance for Data Science Education - February 26, 2021


Anthony Suen, UC Berkeley

Eric Van Dusen, UC Berkeley

Deb Nolan, UC Berkeley

Ani Adhikari, UC Berkeley

Ambuj Singh, UCSB

Vladimir Minin, UC Irvine

Mine Dogucu, UC Irvine

Aaron Fraenkel, UC San Diego

Vassilis Tsotras, UCR

Hunter Glanz, Cal Poly

Judith Canner, CSU Monterey 

Ayona Chatterjee, CSU East Bay

Nathalie Guebels, Santa Barbara City College

Katia Fuchs, CCSF

Solomon Russell, El Camino College

Yertai Tanai, CSU Fresno

Jo Hardin, Pomona College

There is an urgent need to expand access, diversify participation, and support data science teaching across higher education institutions in the state of California. This sector will be fundamental to the health of the state’s economy, and a well-trained workforce will be a basis for jobs in Data Science, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and across the innovation ecosystem. The California Alliance for Data Science Education seeks to solve challenges in California Community Colleges (CCCs), California State Universities, and the University of California system in areas such as building a shared infrastructure, smoothing community college transfer pipelines, and empowering leaders at partner campuses.