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University of California

This project brings together six partnering institutions to advance Data Science education in the Inland Empire, one of the most populous and diverse regions in California and the nation. The partnership includes the University of California Riverside, California State University San Bernardino, the three community colleges of the Riverside Community College District, and San Bernardino Valley College.

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California State University

The majority of students participate in Discovery as Student Researchers. They are matched to projects and work in teams throughout the semester on a research or social impact project under the guidance of a project mentor. Student Researchers earn academic units by participating through URAP (for incentive and accountability) as they complete their project with their team, but they do not enroll in a formal class. They do, however, have the opportunity to participate in several workshops that introduce core concepts of the Discovery program, including data collaboratives and human context and ethics.

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California Community College

Students with an interest and inclination towards leadership can apply to become a Team Lead. Team Leads are elected by their teammates and are required to enroll in the Discovery Project Management Course. The course introduces essential project management strategies and serves as a weekly forum where Team Leads can talk through specific issues their projects are facing with the guidance of the course instructor.

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Help to support the Program

Berkeley offers a variety of opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students, including master's programs, PhD programs with data science emphases and training.