Peer consultants and advisors are available at the Center for Connected Learning to help with data science questions.

October 17, 2018

An innovative collider space on the first floor of Moffitt Library is now available for students interested in data science. The beta version of the future Center for Connected Learning provides data science peer advising and consulting through a collaboration between UC Berkeley Library and the Division of Data Sciences, and maker workspaces provided by b.Makerspace, which offers 3-D printing and a VR headset area. This creative space run by student organizations is designed for students to support other students and encourages shared expertise and community building in the Data Sciences.

Data Peer Advisors & Consultants

Peer advisors provide information about data science courses and schedule planning and answer questions about the Data Science major and future minor. Peer consultants are available to help answer data science-related questions for classes or research projects. Each consultant has his/her expertise and schedule detailed on the Peer Consulting website

Tanvi ShinkreTanvi Shinkre, who works as a peer advisor, believes, “my main role is to help students navigate the new data science major and answer any questions they may have. In my time at Berkeley, reaching out to my fellow students for advice has helped me a lot, and that’s why I think peer advising is a great resource. By coming to us, students are able to get help from other students who have been in the same position as they have. I’ve enjoyed getting involved in the data science community at Berkeley, and I love being a peer advisor because I get to meet more students in this community. I’m really excited to see how the rest of the semester goes!

Tanvi’s schedule, as well as the other peer advisors’ schedules are available on the Peer Advising website.

Students are able to get help from other students who have been in the same position.

Data Peer Advisors and Consultants are available to all students, regardless of major, and are there to support students in making decisions about their academic careers. Jahnavi Singh, who works as a peer consultant, describes how she can be a resource for anyone struggling with data science questions.

Jahnavi Singh

“I can help people integrate and discover various solutions based on the end product that they are looking for. For example, helping someone integrate Pandas to analyze CSV data, rather than manually parsing it. I can also help people debug their problems or bugs. For example, helping someone debug why a data visualization package isn’t installing properly or why a graph isn’t displaying correct results.”

Whether you’re set on pursuing the Data Science major or minor, or just want to have a casual conversation about what the data science program offers, peer advisors and consultants are readily available to help.