Data Peer Consulting

Are you a Berkeley student looking for a little help with data science?

  • Maybe you're not sure how to use a Jupyter notebook, or
  • You need to learn a little SQL for a research project?

Are you a Berkeley instructor looking for teaching assets who can help you with data science in the classroom?

  • Do you have a data science module embedded in your instruction or assignments, and your students could use some peer tutoring about it?

Data Peer Consulting can help!

Students in our data consulting network help make data science accessible across the broader campus community. Launched in Fall 2017, these services are provided as a collaboration between the Center for Connected Learning in UC Berkeley's Moffitt Library; D-Lab; and the Division of Data Sciences.


All student consultants hold drop-in office hours in the Center for Connected Learning on the first floor (basement) of Moffitt Library(link is external). Please scroll down to meet the Peer Consultants and to view the calendar with their hours, you can click on a student's name on the calendar to read about which topics that student consultant can help you with!

For our roster of the students that specifically assist Berkeley Instructors with a Connector Course, please click here(link is external). These students are also available to help you with data science! 

If you have a question or topic that you would like to get help on that you believe would require a Peer Consultants's preparation in advance, please send us an email at

Fall 2018 Schedule

Please note that Peer Consultants will arrive at Berkeley Time. Peer Consultants will hold drop-in hours until the last day of classes (11/30), except during Thanksgiving week (11/19 - 11/23). 

Meet the Peer Consultants:

Cole Kahmann

Monday 1-2pm
Location: Table 2 
Expertise: Calculus, Probability, numpy
Maggy Li

 Tuesday 1-3pm, Friday 10-11am
Location: Table 2
John Park

Hours: Wednesday 11-2pm
Location: Table 2
Expertise: Data Structures, Probability, SQL, Python, Java, numpy, Data8, LaTex
Karen Yu

Hours: Wednesday 2-4pm
Location: Table 2
Expertise: Python, Jupyter, Statistics and Hypothesis Testing, Economic Theory

Yujing wu

Hours: Thursday 9-11am
Location:Table 2
Expertise: GIS concepts, ArcGIS(including ArcPy), cartography, Adobe Illustrator

Phoebe Yin

Hours: Friday 1-2pm
Location: Table 2
Expertise: Calculus, MATLAB, Python, Data 8, Jupyter Notebooks, numpy

Bharadwaj (Barry) Swaminathan

Hours: Monday 2-4pm, Wednesday 2-4pm
Location: Table 3
Expertise: Python, Stata, Statistical Analysis, Data 8

Carlos Ortega

Hours: Monday 11am-1pm, Wednesday 11am-1pm
Location: Table 3
Expertise: Calculus, Program Structures, Data Structures, Probability, datascience, numpy, matplotlib, pandas, seaborn, scikit-learn

Tina Teng

Thursday 1-2pm
Location: Table 3
Expertise: Python, Jupyter
Ashley Zhang

Hours: Friday 1-2pm
Location: Table 3
Expertise: Python, Mathematics, Statistics

Mingxi (Blair) Zhang

Hours: Monday 4-5pm
Location: Table 4
Expertise: Program Structures, data science, numpy, Urban studies, Data 8, smart cities and city planning
Alex Almond

Hours: Tuesday 1-2pm
Location: Table 4
Expertise: Mathematics, Python, numpy, SQLite
Weiwen Cui

Hours: Wednesday 11am-12pm
Location: Table 4
Expertise: Python, Jupyter, Data 8 module, NumPy
Lea Bartlett

Hours: Wednesday 1-2pm
Location: Table 4
Expertise: Data 8, EPS 88, Jupyter Notebooks, and Introductory Python
Lucy Portnoff

Hours: Friday 1-2pm
Location: Table 4
Expertise: Python, Data 8, Mathematics, Math Advising / Resources
Leo Li

Hours: Monday 3-4pm, Wednesday 3-4pm, Friday 4-5pm
Location: Table 5, 6
Expertise: Calculus, Linear Algebra, Data Structures, Probability, R, SQL, Tableau, Python, JavaScript, PyTorch, datascience, numpy, matplotlib, pandas, seaborn, scikit-learn
Jason Jiang

Hours: Wednesday 3-4pm
Location: Table 5
Expertise: Calculus, Linear Algebra, Program Structures, datascience, numpy, matplotlib, pandas, seaborn
Owen Kaminski

Hours: Wednesday 8-9pm
Location: Table 5
Expertise: Calculus
Sasank Chaganty

Hours: Thursday 8-9pm
Location: Table 5
Expertise: Calculus, Linear Algebra, Program Structures, Data Structures, Probability, R, STATA, SQL, datscience, numpy, matplotlib, pandas, seaborn, scikit-learn
Jahnavi Singh

Hours: Friday 11am-1pm
Location: Table 5
Expertise: Python, SQL, Jupyter, Data Visualization, JavaScript
Keiko Kamei

Hours: Monday 11am-12pm
Location: Table 6
Expertise: Calculus, Linear Algebra, Program Structures, Probability, R, MATLAB, datscience, numpy, matplotlib, pandas, seaborn
Alex Nakagawa

Hours: Wednesday 1-2pm, Friday 1-2pm
Location: Table 6
Expertise: Calculus, Linear Algebra, Data Structures, Probability, R, SQL, datascience, numpy, pandas, seaborn, sci-kitlearn
Alec Kan

Hours: Thursday 11am-12pm
Location: Table 6
Expertise: Calculus, Linear Algebra, Probability, R, STATA, datascience, numpy
*Please refer to the calendar above to see all of their schedules in one place. 



Location: 1st Floor Moffitt Library, Data Peer Consulting Space (see map below) 

This is the floor map of 1st Floor Moffitt Library. Peer Consultants will be located at Tables #2-6 in the Data Peer Consulting Space. Please check which table the Peer Consultant you would like to see is located at by clicking on their name in the calendar. 


All student consultants take the Division of Data Sciences Teaching & Consulting CS 98/198 DeCal that runs on Mondays from 6:30 - 7:30 PM in Moffitt 150D. 


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