2020 National Workshop on Data Science Education

National Data Science Education Workshop

UPDATE: It's Back on - in Hybrid Online Format!!!  June 22-26, 2020

Thank you for your interest in the National Workshop on Data Science Education. Due to campus measures to limit the potential spread of COVID-19, and uncertainty about the effects on summer planning, we have decided to take this summer's workshop online! 

  • We are working on a set of short videos of the main talks that the workshop would have contained.
  • We will host a complementary set of office hours to answer questions about elements of our program.
  • We also are currently working on refining our supplementary materials about topics such as Jupyter infrastructure, Data 8 teaching guides, Data 100, and Data Science Modules and Connectors.  
  • We are curating an exciting set of Panel presentations/discussions with stakeholders from diverse institutions.
  • We are planning to discuss a new California Strategy for Data Science Education

This workshop will take place from June 22 - 26, 2020 online and is organized by UC Berkeley's Division of Computing, Data Science, and Society with support from Microsoft and the West Big Data Innovation Hub.


Please fill out this form if you would like to participate in the workshop. We will be sending out registration and login information at a later date.

Participation in the workshop is free for attendees.


Monday, June 22: Pre-recorded videos of UC Berkeley Content

Data 8: Overview

Data 100: Overview

Human Context and Ethics

Connectors and Modules

Making a Major/Minor


Student Teams

Tuesday, June 23: Open Office Hours with UC Berkeley Course Staff

Topics will include:

Data 8

Data 100


Modules Curriculum

Student Teams

Wednesday, June 24: Live Virtual Panels (9AM-5PM PST)

9:00 AM 

Human Context and Ethics Panel    

11:00 AM

Institutional Transformations Panel                     

1:00 PM

Adopters of Data 8 Panel

3:30 PM

Lightning Talks 

Thursday, June 25: Live Virtual Panels (9AM-5PM PST)

9:00 AM 

California Strategy Panel

11:00 AM

Using Jupyter Across Institutes Panel                        

1:00 PM

IUSE Inclusion in Data Science Panel

3:30 PM

California Community Colleges

Friday, June 26: Live Virtual Panels (9AM-3PM PST)

9:00 AM 

Commercial Solutions for teaching with Jupyter      

11:00 AM

Innovations in Jupyter Teaching Tools                          

1:00 PM

National Efforts Panel

*Order of panels is subject to change.


Please feel free to contact us at ds-help@berkeley.edu with any questions or concerns on implementing a Data Science program at your institution. We would also like to invite you to join our slack channel at datascienceeducation.slack.com