About the Division

The Division of Data Sciences

Division of Data Sciences

Advances in computing, new approaches in statistics, emerging discoveries in machine learning, and the abundance of data on so many facets of our world are profoundly transforming society and our lives. In response, Berkeley is bringing together world-leading faculty from across disciplines to propel research and discovery and empower a diverse range of students to engage as leaders, creators, and change agents in this increasingly data-rich world.

In November 2018, the University announced plans for a Division that stands alongside the schools and colleges, connecting the School of Information, the departments of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences and Statistics, and the Berkeley Institute for Data Science (BIDS). The Division also will curate a Data Science Commons to catalyze research that transcends disciplinary boundaries.

The Division is the realization of a vision that hundreds of faculty and students have helped shape and continue to build, establishing Berkeley as a leader in the emerging field of data science.

With data science, if you have an understanding of the baseline, you can explore many different avenues without ever feeling like you’re veering off-course. - Data Science Major Eleanor Fleming

Data science students graduate with the skills and understanding required to capably and responsibly gather, process, manage, and draw conclusions from data to gain insights and address social challenges in virtually any domain, from evolutionary genetics to urban planning.