Much has been made of the state and local government takeover strategy by the far right, but one area that is currently under scrutinized is the presence of so-called “Constitutional Sheriffs” on ballots and in office across the country. These sheriffs resist any form of gun control, believe that they have the power to essentially nullify federal law by not enforcing laws they do not agree with, and they believe that the county sheriff is the highest official in the country. They are not regionally contained. While the sheriffs began making headlines during the Obama presidency, reacting to any perceived threat to guns, throughout his campaign and now into his presidency, Trump has placed a strong emphasis on “law and order,” empowering and emboldening these sheriffs. The Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (CSPOA) is the largest network of these individuals. We want to analyze data on Constitutional sheriffs against other trends including immigration enforcement, religion, class, and race to deepen public awareness of these important elected law enforcement officers.

Spring 2020
Social Sciences