Universities are the home of cutting edge STEM research working to solve some of the greatest challenges facing our world today. While there is so much exceptional research out there, one of the biggest challenges is pouring through the internet to find these amazing projects that are often buried deep within University databases, and then quickly understanding who is involved and what the project is about. This project would entail aggregating University STEM research projects into a list that notes the university performing the research, topic(s) of the research, project location, and additional people/organizations involved. 

With this information, we hope to make it easier for students to find real-world STEM projects that they are passionate about, connect with the people/organizations who make the project possible, and then share the full story behind the project on our community platform, RePicture.com. By putting these projects in an easy-to-understand format, students and professionals alike can learn more about how these important initiatives impact the world around them. For context, check out some of our sample project writeups (https://www.repicture.com/project/uptake-difference-of-gold-nanoparticles-by-tadpoles) written by our outstanding students. 

All our work supports the ultimate goal at RePicture to increase interest and diversity in STEM, by giving all students easy access to information about diverse STEM fields, and the resources they need to find success in them.

Fall 2022
Social Sciences