Constituent Scoring Model | Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Institute

Teaching People to Invest | Wisdm

Product Bundling and Consumer Screening in Video Game Markets | Haas School of Business, University of California, Berkeley

Data Visualization for Scaleup Entrepreneurship | Endeavor Global



Fighting Climate Change through Landfill Biocovers | Project Climate at UC Berkeley's Center for Law, Energy, and the Environment

Establishing Sierra Nevada Precipitation Response to Ocean Teleconnections | University of California, Berkeley Central Sierra Snow Lab

Natural Capital Valuation Model | Zulu Forest Sciences

Quantifying surface evaporation changes post-wildfire | UC Berkeley Central Sierra Snow Laboratory

Coral reefs over time: automated registration of 3D point clouds | California Academy of Sciences

Earthquake Ground-Motion Simulations on the Calaveras-Hayward Fault System | Berkeley Seismological Laboratory

Catalyzing a global movement of food systems leaders, powered by plants and data | Plant Futures Initiative

 Mapping Orphan Oil Wells in California | UC Berkeley Center for Law, Energy, and the Environment

Build Actionable Climate-Smart Proactive Risk Resilience | Climformatics Inc.

Symbiotic co-design for Cyber-Physical Systems | UC Berkeley, EECS 

Building Machine Learning Models for Arctic Ice Restoration | Climformatics Inc.

Machine Learning for Improved Energy Logistics | Air Force Operational Energy/National Security Innovation Network

Can planting trees help fight climate change? - Building a data-driven framework for evaluating natural climate solutions | UC Berkeley

Impact of Climate Change on Mangrove Forests | IBM

Mapping global terrestrial photosynthesis with machine learning and satellite images | University of California, Berkeley

Wildfire dynamics prediction challenge | Lawrence Berkeley National Lab



PhiloBiblon: From siloed databases to Linked Open Data via Wikibase | PhiloBiblon: Dept. of Spanish & Portuguese, UC Berkeley

Toward Computational Literature Reviews: Analyzing Organizational Theories through Citations and Concepts | Dartmouth College; University of California, Berkeley

Building Comprehensive Ontologies | FactGrid Cuneiform

Accelerating Equitable Access to Environmental Literacy for CA TK-12 Students | Ten Strands and CAELI

Early Learning Data streamlining | Kidango

Improving the Sumerian language linguistic annotation pipeline | Cuneiform Digital Library Initiative

Housing Justice in the Bay Area | San Francisco Foundation



Data access pattern from dCache Storage System | Lawrence Berkeley National Lab

Network utilization with Open Science Data Federation (OSDF) | Lawrence Berkeley National Lab

Project AEI | Koer A.I., Inc

Longhand | Harvard Library, Digital Scholarship Program

Cluster Analysis and Segmentation | Gauge

Web3 security use case |

Advanced Methods of Time Series Data Analysis | Applied Materials 

Estimating human-technology team consensus and creativity from physiological signals | US DEVCOM Army Research Laboratory, Humans in Complex Systems Division

Matching Algorithm | GlobeSisters

Propensity Modeling for Sales/Marketing | Netlify

Analyzing and Learning from 3D Data Generated by Users of an Augmented Reality (AR) Headset | Geopogo AR

Train service delay pattern study for delay prevention | BART

AI in ERP Solutions | ServiceNow


Natural Sciences

Integrating data resources for California plants | University and Jepson Herbaria, UC Berkeley

Collections Explorer | California Academy of Sciences

Enzyme selection for compostable plastics/rational design of protein-like heteropolymers | UC Berkeley

Detecting and confirming adaptive convergent amino acid evolution in hibernating animals: A computation and CRISPR-based approach | UCSF Ma Lab

Tracking Neural Stem Cells in Their Microenvironment | Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, UC Berkeley

Imaging, analysis, and quantification of cells in biological tissue samples | University of California, Berkeley

Automated annotation of gene function from functional genomics data | Shih Lab at UC Berkeley

Predicting substorms through machine learning | Space Sciences Laboratory (SSL)


Physical Science/Engineering

Predicting Quantum advantage timeframe | XPRIZE

Automated Isotope Identification in Nuclear Science Literature | NucScholar

Asteroid Discovery Analysis and Mapping (ADAM) platform | B612 Foundation

Multivariate Model Building for Radial Diffusion in the Earth's Radiation Belts | Space Sciences Laboratory

Predicting space weather | Space Sciences Laboratory, UC Berkeley

Using artificial intelligence to search for extraterrestrial intelligence | Berkeley SETI Research Center


Public Health/Medicine

Community Paramedicine Data Infrastructure | San Francisco Fire Department

Using online obituaries for public health surveillance | Dartmouth College, Georgetown University

Conflict Finder: Investigating conflicts of interest in medical research | STAT News

Automating spirometry quality assurance | Fisher Center for Business Analytics

Microbiome bioinformatics | Central Coast Biotechnology Institute

Generating transformer based Patient Embeddings | Innovaccer

Spirometry for access to pulmonary care in underserved populations | Fisher Center for Business Analytics

Patterns of HIV Care Engagement in Tanzania | University of California, Berkeley

Optimizing SLO retinal data selection using image embedding vectors | C Light Technologies

Hand Hygiene Analytics Platform | HyGenius, Inc.

Build a health data as a service using wearable device | JS Nanotech

Hospital Pricing / Access to Care | UC Berkeley

Creating patient summary using NLG (Natural Language Generation) | Innovaccer

Role of climate change in infectious disease pandemics | Climformatics Inc

Massive Neurophysiology Data for Coma Recovery | UCSF

Predicting Preventable Hospital Readmissions | Innovaccer

Allele specific editing program for CRISPR gene therapy | UCSF Clelland lab

Curating and harmonizing (w/in a sql DB) > 11M patient records | American Heart Association

Predicting Alzheimer's disease from neuroimaging data | Center for Human Sleep Science


Social Sciences

Human Rights IGOs, Media Frames, and Violence Against Civilians | Department of Peace and Conflict Research, Uppsala University

Collective Intelligence for Continuous Improvement | UC Berkeley

Simulating Responses to Calls for Service | City of Berkeley, Police Department

Promoting Student Well-being in K-12 Education | UC Berkeley Greater Good Science Center

PLN CRM, Database and Data Warehouse Development | Para Los Ninos

New Proof of Concept Digital Social Contract | Project Umbrella

Service Utilization, Program intersectionality, and Housing Retention | St. Joseph Center

The Evictions Study | Urban Displacement Project at UC Berkeley

Promoting Accessible STEM Research | RePicture

Incident Impact on Youth Outcomes | Aspiranet

Building teachers' networks to advance climate resilience | The Hebrew University and UC Berkeley

Visualizing Trends in Student Experience at Research Universities | CSHE, UC Berkeley

San Francisco Southeast, D10 Needs Insights | Wu Yee Children's Services

Solution for online image abuse | Alecto AI

Diversity Data Analysis Tool | Air Force Personnel Center - National Security Innovation Network

How can teachers' social networks advance climate resilience? | UC Berkeley and the Hebrew University

Global Poverty & Practice Organizations Database | Blum Center for Developing Economies

Recruiting and Retaining Bi-Lingual and Bi-Cultural Clinical Staff | Behavioral Health Contractors' Association (BHCA)

Youth Voting Patterns | Data for Social Good

Quantifying the Commons | Creative Commons

Parsing the news: Using NLP to analyze news articles | ReThink Media

Visualizing Diversity and Gender Equity in Tech and Entrepreneurship at UC | EDGE in Tech Initiative

Rebranding in Two Dimensions | Department of Law University of California, Berkeley