Application Instructions

Use this application portal to browse this semester’s projects and submit your application.

  1.  Browse projects and click on the project name that interest you. You will be redirected to an application page with more information on the chosen project.
  2.  Submit an application for up to 5 maximum projects that you are interested in.

Program Description

The program offers variable units on a P/NP basis.

In order to receiving a passing grade:

  1. Students are only allowed to participate in 1 Discovery project per semester.
  2. Students are expected to commit 6 - 12 hours per week to their research project (the exact time commitment expected should be confirmed with the project partner). 1 unit of academic credit is available for every 3 hours of work per week. See below for instructions regarding enrollment information.
  3.  All student teams are required to submit a Mid-Term Progress Report (this will be sent to you as a Google Form to fill out) and a Final Presentation during RRR week.

Apply to Discovery Scholars

For students from underrepresented backgrounds who would like to receive additional support, the Division of Computing, Data Science, and Society invites you to apply for the Discovery Scholars program! The Discovery Scholars program recognizes the unique challenges of students from diverse communities in data science and works to create spaces where students can get the support they need to chart their individual paths in data science. Apply here.

List of Available Projects

Click on projects titles to view full description


Product Bundling and Consumer Screening in Video Game Markets | UC Berkeley Haas School of Business

Teaching People to Invest | Wisdm

Data Visualization for Scaleup Entrepreneurship | Endeavor Global

Constituent Scoring Model | Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Institute


Natural Capital Valuation Model | Zulu Forest Sciences

Mapping Orphan Oil Wells in California | UC Berkeley Center for Law, Energy, and the Environment

Quantifying surface evaporation changes post-wildfire | UC Berkeley Central Sierra Snow Laboratory

Establishing Sierra Nevada Precipitation Response to Ocean Teleconnections | University of California, Berkeley Central Sierra Snow Lab

Build Actionable Climate-Smart Proactive Risk Resilience | Climformatics Inc.

Wildfire dynamics prediction challenge | Lawrence Berkeley National Lab

Coral reefs over time: automated registration of 3D point clouds | California Academy of Sciences

Earthquake Ground-Motion Simulations on the Calaveras-Hayward Fault System | Berkeley Seismological Laboratory

Impact of Climate Change on Mangrove Forests | IBM

Fighting Climate Change through Landfill Biocovers | Project Climate at UC Berkeley's Center for Law, Energy, and the Environment

Machine Learning for Improved Energy Logistics | Air Force Operational Energy/National Security Innovation Network

Catalyzing a global movement of food systems leaders | Plant Futures Initiative

Mapping global terrestrial photosynthesis with machine learning and satellite images | University of California, Berkeley

Building a data-driven framework for evaluating natural climate solutions | UC Berkeley

Symbiotic co-design for Cyber-Physical Systems | UC Berkeley EECS

Building Machine Learning Models for Arctic Ice Restoration | Climformatics Inc



Housing Justice in the Bay Area | San Francisco Foundation

Early Learning Data streamlining | Kidango

Accelerating Equitable Access to Environmental Literacy for CA TK-12 Students | Ten Strands and CAELI

Improving the Sumerian language linguistic annotation pipeline | Cuneiform Digital Library Initiative

Building Comprehensive Ontologies | FactGrid Cuneiform



Advanced Methods of Time Series Data Analysis | Applied Materials 

Train service delay pattern study for delay prevention | BART

Web3 security use case |

Cluster Analysis and Segmentation | Gauge

AI in ERP Solutions | ServiceNow

Matching Algorithm | GlobeSisters

Analyzing 3D Data Generated by Users of an AR Headset | Geopogo AR

Longhand | Harvard Library, Digital Scholarship Program

Project AEI | Koer A.I. Inc

Estimating human-technology team consensus and creativity from physiological signals | US DEVCOM Army Research Laboratory, Humans in Complex Systems Division

Propensity Modeling for Sales/Marketing | Netlify


Natural Sciences

Enzyme selection for compostable plastics/rational design of protein-like heteropolymers | UC Berkeley

Detecting and confirming adaptive convergent amino acid evolution in hibernating animals: A computation and CRISPR-based approach | UCSF Ma Lab

Imaging, analysis, and quantification of cells in biological tissue samples | University of California, Berkeley

Predicting substorms through machine learning | Space Sciences Laboratory (SSL)

Automated annotation of gene function from functional genomics data | Shih Lab at UC Berkeley

Integrating data resources for California plants | University and Jepson Herbaria, UC Berkeley

Tracking Neural Stem Cells in Their Microenvironment | Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, UC Berkeley

Collections Explorer | California Academy of Sciences


Physical Science/Engineering

Asteroid Discovery Analysis and Mapping (ADAM) platform | B612 Foundation

Predicting space weather | Space Sciences Laboratory, UC Berkeley

Automated Isotope Identification in Nuclear Science Literature | NucScholar

Predicting Quantum advantage timeframe | XPRIZE

Using artificial intelligence to search for extraterrestrial intelligence | Berkeley SETI Research Center

Multivariate Model Building for Radial Diffusion in the Earth's Radiation Belts | Space Sciences Laboratory


Public Health/Medicine

Build a health data as a service using wearable device | JS Nanotech

Community Paramedicine Data Infrastructure | San Francisco Fire Department

Curating and harmonizing (w/in a sql DB) > 11M patient records | American Heart Association

Investigating conflicts of interest in medical research | STAT News

Hand Hygiene Analytics Platform | HyGenius, Inc.

Massive Neurophysiology Data for Coma Recovery | UCSF

Predicting Alzheimer's disease from neuroimaging data | Center for Human Sleep Science

Hospital Pricing / Access to Care | UC Berkeley

Automating spirometry quality assurance | Fisher Center for Business Analytics

Spirometry for access to pulmonary care in underserved populations | Fisher Center for Business Analytics

Allele specific editing program for CRISPR gene therapy | UCSF Clelland lab

Microbiome bioinformatics | Central Coast Biotechnology Institute

Patterns of HIV Care Engagement in Tanzania | University of California, Berkeley

Generating transformer based Patient Embeddings | Innovaccer

Predicting Preventable Hospital Readmissions | Innovaccer

Optimizing SLO retinal data selection using image embedding vectors | C Light Technologies

Creating patient summary using NLG (Natural Language Generation) | Innovaccer

Role of climate change in infectious disease pandemics | Climformatics Inc


Social Sciences

New Proof of Concept Digital Social Contract | Project Umbrella

Solution for online image abuse | Alecto AI

Quantifying the Commons | Creative Commons

Human Rights IGOs, Media Frames, and Violence Against Civilians | Department of Peace and Conflict Research, Uppsala University

Youth Voting Patterns | Data for Social Good

Raising the Value of Learning using time currency in shared activities | TimeBank Mahoning Watershed

Building teachers' networks to advance climate resilience | The Hebrew University and UC Berkeley

Parsing the news: Using NLP to analyze news articles | ReThink Media

Incident Impact on Youth Outcomes | Aspiranet

PLN CRM, Database and Data Warehouse Development | Para Los Ninos

Rebranding in Two Dimensions | Department of Law University of California, Berkeley

How can teachers' social networks advance climate resilience? | UC Berkeley and the Hebrew University

Visualizing Diversity and Gender Equity in Tech and Entrepreneurship at UC | EDGE in Tech Initiative

Global Poverty & Practice Organizations Database | Blum Center for Developing Economies

The Evictions Study | Urban Displacement Project at UC Berkeley

Service Utilization, Program intersectionality, and Housing Retention | St. Joseph Center

Promoting Accessible STEM Research | RePicture

Visualizing Trends in Student Experience at Research Universities | CSHE, UC Berkeley

Simulating Alternative Responses to Calls for Service | City of Berkeley, Police Department

Recruiting and Retaining Bi-Lingual and Bi-Cultural Clinical Staff | Behavioral Health Contractors' Association (BHCA)

Diversity Data Analysis Tool | Air Force Personnel Center - National Security Innovation Network

San Francisco Southeast, D10 Needs Insights | Wu Yee Children's Services