About Data Science at Berkeley

New computational and analytic approaches to a vast array of forms, scales, and sources of data are now critical to research, decision-making, and action. Data science at Berkeley is extraordinarily diverse and multifaceted, concentrated in core specialties and distributed across domains. Berkeley’s deep strength in this area draws on world-leading faculty, programs, and institutes in many fields that constitute, develop, apply, and reflect on data science.

The data science initiative is the university’s strategic response to the changes underway in academic disciplines and the world at large. Led by the faculty and integrated with the campus administration’s strategic priorities, it is charged with launching Berkeley’s new undergraduate data science education program, planning collaboratively and comprehensively for data science at all levels of teaching and research, and shaping a shared vision for the university’s investment in the field.

Cutting across the initiative is our intent to lead in data science in a way that is distinctive to Berkeley—building out our strength in core areas, expanding our breadth of campus-wide excellence, and underscoring the critical reflection and public mission that are integral to all that Berkeley does.

The Data Science program is administered in the Division of Undergraduate Studies in the College of Letters & Science at UC Berkeley. 

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Data Science Education Program
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