Human Context and Ethics

About HCE at Berkeley

Defining Features

The following principles define how we approach Human Contexts and Ethics (HCE) at UC Berkeley:

Ethics is social, shaped by history, instilled in institutions, and dynamically produced with our technologies.

This definition informs how we teach:

We guide students to recognize opportunities for acting in the present by understanding historical dynamics and patterns that have brought us here.

We bring to light the societal structures and...

HCE Teacher Training

Towards Social Justice in the Data Science Classroom:
How to teach with human contexts and why it matters Workshop, Tuesday, June 15, 8-10am PST Registration form

Data 104: Human Contexts and Ethics of Data

First lecture of Data 104 in the Fall 2019 semester in Li Ka Shing Auditorium

First lecture of DATA 104 in the Fall 2019 semester.

Spring 2020...

Spring 2020 Showcase

May 5, 2020
Learn more about our students' amazing work this semester helping to design courses, explore the human and social contexts and ethics of data, and advance data science research projects.