Discovery Program

Anthony Suen

Co-curricular Programs Lead
Data Science Education Program

Anthony is the Director of Programs at the Data Science Undergraduate Studies in the Division of Computing, Data Science, and Society.

Anthony is the first staff member recruited to be part of the Data Science Initiative in 2015.

Anthony founded many data science programs and initiatives such as:

Data Science Discovery Data Science Modules Data Scholars Data Peer Consulting National Workshop on Data Science Education Data Science Student Teams...

Arlo Malmberg

Discovery Program Manager
Data Science Education Program

Arlo Malmberg is the Program Manager for Discovery and oversees the day to day operations, student and partner recruitment, and program design. He recently graduated from the Master’s program at the Goldman School of Public Policy where he studies applied machine learning for policy analysis. Prior to coming to UC Berkeley, Arlo worked with smallholder farmers cooperatives in Panama as a Peace Corps Volunteer.

Abhishek Roy

Program Coordinator
Discovery Program

Hello! I'm a Junior double majoring in Data Science and Economics. I'm super passionate about using Data Analytics for research in a variety of fields, and have been with the Discovery Program since Spring 2020. I joined as a Data Collaboratives Fellow, working with seven research projects, mostly focusing on the applications of AI in Healthcare. I then became a student researcher in Fall 2020 and am now back inn Spring 2021 as a Program Co-ordinator. I'm responsible for working with other Co-ordinators to expand the program through our external operations like media, marketing, and...

Fireside Chat with Aishwarya Srinivasan

April 19, 2021

The Data Science Discovery Program is really excited to host Aishwarya Srinivasan for a live-streamed fireside chat on all things data science!

She is the AI & ML Innovation Leader at IBM Data & AI and a researcher in machine learning and reinforcement learning. She holds a post-graduate in Data Science from Columbia University. During her engagements, she primarily focuses on bringing in machine learning research to create business value. She has worked with clients all across the globe and has traveled internationally to London, Dubai, Istanbul, and India to lead and work...

Project Spotlight: Girl Effect - Speaking her language

April 7, 2021
Speaking her Language: Using NLU to build conversational products for girls in developing countries Project Description: Girl Effect builds products for girls in developing markets. We work in Rwanda, India, Ethiopia, South Africa and Tanzania. Our product portfolio contains magazines, television shows, music videos, websites, chatbots and social media channels, all designed to drive uptake of knowledge and change in attitude around key subject areas defined in girl effect’s theory of change. We try to make products which put our users at the front and centre of the experience. In our digital...

Project Spotlight: Visualizing Women in Tech Data at UC

March 29, 2021

As part of continuing research, the Women in Tech Initiative would like to enlist students to show percentages and changes over time in the participation of women in tech fields, and specifically the participation and persistence of women on the Berkeley campus in various STEM majors. This semester, a new focus of the project aims to identify interventions to make STEM more equitable and inclusive for students from under-included groups.

Research will look at intersectionality and potential opportunities for effective interventions to retain diverse talent in STEM majors....

Discovery Project List

Below is a complete listing of projects since 2017. 2015-2016 projects will be listed soon.

Student Researchers

Discovery Program first class

Why Discovery?

Apply what you learn in your data science classes to solve important problems in the real-world.

Develop research skills through collaborative research projects centered around data science....