Data Science Minor

Based on changes to L&S and campus policy, courses completed at UC Berkeley with a grade of Pass in Spring 2020 will count toward Data Science major and minor requirements, including prerequisites to declare the major. Please see the L&S Spring 2020 P/NP policy updates for more information.

Fall 2020 Courses

New in Fall 2020

The following courses will now be offered under the DATA course designation: 

  • CompSci / Data / Info / Stat C8 - Foundations of Data Science

  • CompSci / Data / Stat C100 - Principles and Techniques of Data Science*

  • Data / Stat C102 - Data, Inference, and Decisions*

  • Data C104 / History C184D / STS C104 - Human Contexts and Ethics of Data

Data 100: Principles and Techniques of Data Science

Students in Data 100 explore the data science lifecycle, including question formulation, data collection and cleaning, exploratory data analysis and visualization, statistical inference and prediction​, and decision-making.​ The class focuses on quantitative critical thinking​ and key principles and techniques needed to carry out this cycle.

Graduate and Professional Programs

Berkeley offers a variety of opportunities for graduate students, including master's programs, PhD programs with data science emphases, and training programs. 

Data Science Major

The Data Science Major and Minor programs come in response to intensifying student, faculty, business, and societal demand amid the exponential growth of data in virtually all aspects of life. This transformation is generating a substantial unmet need for graduates who are not only technically proficient in analyzing data but who also know how to responsibly collect and manage data, and use data to make decisions and discoveries, think critically, and communicate effectively.

Spring 2020 Courses

Spring 2020 Courses


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Foundations of Data Science (Data 8)


Class #: 22140



Data Science Connector Courses

Connector Courses from 2015 - Present

Below is a list of all connector courses that have been offered since Fall 2015.