Startup Projects


Diego Ponce de Leon Barido, CITRIS

The startup is building Latin America’s first digital energy marketplace, fostering both energy governance transparency and creating a valuable product using the large amount of data we’ve been collecting in Latin America. Students needs significant experience with Python & serious web scraping skills. 


Alejandro Cantu, Skydeck

Skyalert provide early earthquake warning services to consumers and businesses in Mexico. SkyAlert operates the only private network of early earthquake warning sensors in America, covering over 280,000 Sq Km of earthquake-prone areas.  When an earthquake occurs in the epicenter, we send an alert via mobile devices to millions of users in the areas that will be impacted by the earthquake. In the case of business customers, we send the alert through the hardware equipment using IoT technology that we have designed and manufactured. We can warn our users 10-120 seconds before the impact, depending on the location of the epicenter and distance traveled by the tremor. This allows users to evacuate and/or locate yourself in safety zones. The role will involve analyzing Earthquake Data coming in from the sensors, to determine the best way to issue Early Earthquake Warnings. Students should have understanding of data science, math, seismology's basic concepts, and computer science. 


Mark Rogers, Skydeck

BioXplor is an augmented intelligence platform for data-driven hypotheses generation & novel predictions in biomarker & drug discovery. The virtual discovery platform is built on the intersection of big data, artificial intelligence and high performance computing, and works by enabling accelerated data interpretations from unstructured literature & structured multi-omics data. In house & external projects are focused on AI-assisted biomarker discovery, molecular target identification and drug repurposing, presently in cancer and rare disease.

Konstantin Savenkov, Skydeck

Currently, for each AI vertical there's a dozen of cloud service vendors with different APIs and unclear performance comparison. We provide a single interface to all of them and dispatch requests to the best vendor based on the data and client needs. This way, our clients have the optimal solution of their AI tasks with just a single integration and contract. We have this running for Machine Translation and soon launching Sentiment Analysis. The role will involve adding new AI verticals to our platform such as Entity Recognition, Text Summarization, OCR, ASR etc


Jorge Torres, Skydeck

MindsDB’s goal is to make it simple to apply Deep Learning to existing problems. The reason we are doing this is that evidence shows that in most cases deep learning methodologies outperform intuition base models and traditional machine learning by a significant margin, yet there are many hurdles to implementing deep learning correctly. As a solution, MindsDB automates the steps needed to get high-quality predictions from most data. We essentially turn databases into an automated data science team. MindsDB is seeking students to building neural networks that can architect other neural networks that can best solve a problem. Building a system that can allow a neural network not only to solve a specific problem but to explain why it's making the decisions that it makes. 

Simple Water

John Pujol, CITRIS

SimpleWater is a CITRIS startup that provides water quality analysis and treatment solutions for individuals and commercial customers. As part of our water research, we're building out the technical capability to monitor water news at web-scale using crawler APIs, NLP, and big data techniques.  SimpleWater is seeking student researchers to understand and catalog web-scale data from news sites, blogs, message boards, etc. with the intent of extracting conversations about water and water quality issues specifically. Assist in creating a system for monitoring these in real time. Students should have knowledge of Python, Statistics, Natural Language Processing is preferred). We are flexible on the level involvement but to make this worthwhile for us we'll need at least 12 student-hours per week of involvement.