Project Partners

Why Discovery?

  • Increase your capacity to take on data-centric projects, at any level of complexity

  • Collaborate with UC Berkeley’s world-class data science students

  • Create cutting edge Machine Learning, Neural Network, and AI algorithms to get new insights and tangible results from your data science projects

  • Discovery projects are supported by an infrastructure of technical and project management support

  • Join our network of professors, graduate and undergraduate students, and past project partners such as NASA, UCSF, LBNL, and more.

  • Access free cloud computing and data storage resources.


Discovery is dedicated to providing top-notch data science capacity to our project partners while also fostering an incredible learning environment for our students. Students are expected to have a single project that they can work on through the duration of their engagement with the project partner. Discovery student researchers are not interns that can be assigned tasks ad hoc throughout the semester, though it is expected that research goals might shift occasionally.

Data Collaboratives 

Discovery is all about creating partnerships that empower data science students to leverage data to create public value. The gold standard of such a partnership is our Data Collaboratives. Discovery data collaboratives are long-term multi-stakeholder coalitions that bring a wide range of data to bear on an issue of social impact. For example, Discovery student researchers are currently working with multiple state agencies and nonprofits to standardize water quality data collection thereby enabling more powerful analysis. We are always looking for opportunities to create connections among our project partners and beyond. With extensive engagement from the student body, we are able to keep these initiatives energized and productive.


Apply to Discovery

Becoming a Discovery Project Partner is simple: after your project application is accepted, you will receive a list of interested applicants that you can interview. Once your chosen students accept your offer we will send you the details for our Orientation event, and you will be ready to dive into your project! Discovery staff is available to help develop project ideas. For general assistance or any questions throughout the application process- email