Fall 2019 Showcase Highlights

Our Fall Data Science Showcase featured more than 30 student posters and project presentations on everything from understanding achievement gaps in public schools to improving water quality. 

Spring 2019 Launch 

Roll out an exciting set of new projects this semester, offering data science students opportunities to contribute to a range of initiatives, from boosting the UN humanitarian efforts through data collaboration to minimizing the ills of Bay Area traffic, to fighting pests destroying crops in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Fall 2018 Discovery Showcase

Highlights from Fall 2018 showcase

Spring 2018 Discovery Projects Review

Project highlights from the Spring 2018 semester

Spring 2018 Relaunch with BIDS 

New page on BIDS formalizing the transition from the BIDS Collaborative to the Data Science Discovery Program

Fall 2017 Project Overview

Highlights from Fall 2017 Discovery projects

Spring 2017 Project Showcase

Highlights from Spring 2017 showcase