The goal of our project is to develop and implement a Client Relations Management (CRM) platform database and data warehouse that PLN can use to track and store the information and data collected from the services provided through PLN’s program infrastructure. Our technology project will assist in creating historical records of the families served across all PLN programs. This will allow frontline staff, management, and executive leaders to be more knowledgeable about the whole-child and whole-family care approach, in addition to aiding them in their decision-making when connecting families to the various programs and services. It will also enable PLN leadership to use data to determine where services need to be expanded and where there is the most impact and effectiveness. Once a platform, database, and data warehouse are implemented, PLN will be able to transition from a siloed technology infrastructure to a combined platform where PLN can create a singular record per client, make referrals across programs and leverage the data captured. The success of this project will allow PLN to track outcomes, trends, progress, and optimize decision-making efforts for future programs to come.

Fall 2022
Social Sciences