The Plant Futures Initiative has created a global movement of students across the world, started at UC Berkeley, who are leading the acceleration to plant-centric, sustainable food systems. In 2 years, our program has had a massive impact through our Symposium and Challenge Lab class. We’ve reached thousands of students and young professionals across the globe through the Symposium, and over 50 UC Berkeley students in our challenge lab. We have demographic data for all of our participants and attendees but have not implemented an effective tracking system to track various metric including: how our program impacted the careers & livelihoods of our attendees (many have reached out to us and said they got jobs and internships because of our program), and how our program impacted the changes in our student’s eating behaviors, etc. It would be transformative and impactful for our organization to track these outcomes and impact. Second, we’d also love to implement a system to generate effect to catalyze growing our movement globally - everything from increasing attendees in our programming, increasing newsletter subscriptions, increasing social media followers, slack members, etc. 

Fall 2022