The San Mateo County Office of Education (SMCOE) was the first county office in the state to launch an Environmental Literacy and Sustainability Initiative (ELSI). The initiative has prototyped a number of different methods of data capture and reporting, and is ready to support scaling up this data-based approach to other County Offices doing this work. The project focuses on both organizing and analyzing data:  

1) Organizing Data: This part of the project requires support with cleaning and restructuring data from already established datasets (i.e. EdData - and CALEnviroScreen 4.0 - to create a sustainable infrastructure for data management. 

2) Data Visualizations and Analysis: This part of the project requires support with setting-up dashboard data visualizations and analysis. The dashboard needs to have different levels of display with landscape level analysis for comparing across counties state-wide, as well as county data for analysis within one region. 

Intended outcomes are to identify opportunities for increasing equitable access to environmental and climate literacy across California’s TK-12 schools, as well as identify more leverage points for accelerating the pace of sustainable and climate resilient school efforts within districts and schools. 

Using Data to Accelerate Equitable Access to Environmental Literacy for All CA TK-12 Students - Fall 2022 Discovery Project
Fall 2022