Name Job title Role
Ishaan Malhi Graduate Student Researcher Staff
Jae Yeon Kim Graduate Student Researcher
Janet Torres This is Data Science
Jasmeet Lachhar Data Analyst Staff
John DeNero Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies Faculty, Leadership
Julie Niedermayr Academic and Staff Human Resources Manager Staff
Katherine Yelick Executive Associate Dean Faculty
Kathy Yelick Associate Dean for Research, CDSS 150W
Laura Imai Director of Advising Staff
Liana Lareau Assistant Professor, Department of Bioengineering 150W
Mae Zheng This is Data Science
Margarita (Margo) Boeing-Liptsin Director of Human Context and Ethics 150W
Maria Smith This is Data Science
Marjorie A. Ensor Undergraduate Major Advisor; Peer Advising Supervisor; Commencement Coordinator Staff
Meredith Lee Chief Technical Advisor Leadership
Nathan F. Sayre Associate Dean for Faculty
Olivia Lewke This is Data Science
Pelagie Elimbi Moudio This is Data Science
Rachel Leven Media Communications Specialist Staff
Rachel Lim This is Data Science