sarah pecora

Sarah Pecora

Facilities Manager
College of Computing, Data Science, and Society

Sarah has more than five years of experience as a Building Manager for Li Ka Shing for Biomedical Research. In that role, she worked closely with Harry Stark, who is known through his work on the Gateway building. Before coming to UC Berkeley, Sarah worked in the Facilities Management Unit for the Judicial Courts of San Francisco. With this varied background, Sarah has gained experience working with both new and older buildings, as well as various stakeholders. In addition, Sarah has a degree in Architecture from the University of Maryland, College Park.  Sarah brings her broad experience seeing to the needs of building occupants, working with the many departments within UCB Facilities Services, functioning as a liaison for outside contractors, coordinating moves, project management as well as a myriad of other experiences in the facilities world. Sarah lives in Berkeley with her wife, Claudia, two daughters Natasha and Aviva, a cat, a puppy, and a leopard gecko.