Rachel Lim

Major: Data Science with an emphasis in Business and Industrial Analytics

Minor: Computer Science

As part of the Global Adoption Team (Data Science Education Program)I have had the opportunity to interact with educators from around the world, while learning about their efforts to develop a data science program.

Q: How did you first get interested in data science?


I first got interested in data science because of Data 8! On the first day of class, I remember Professor Adhikari demonstrating how we can gain insight into the story plot through a simple statistical analysis of the book "Little Women." I was amazed by how much you could learn from a simple query. Data 8 really put into perspective for me how powerful data and the insights hidden within it can be and this inspired me to take more classes in data science. 


Q: How have you been engaging with data science on the DSEP Global Adoption team?


At DSEP, I have had the opportunity to interact with educators from around the world and aid them in their efforts to develop a data science program inspired by Berkeley's own program. Over the summer, I was in charge of organizing the first online National Workshop on Data Science Education in which over 500 educators attended. It was amazing to see how schools are able to transform Berkeley's Data 8 curriculum to meet their own needs.

I am really passionate about making data science education accessible to everyone, and DSEP has given me the opportunity to take part in this initiative by developing materials and programs for other schools around the world. 

Q: How do you envision using data science in the future?

In the future, I want to use my data science and product management skills to solve problems that help give people a better quality of life, whether through improving access to health care or product analytics. The courses at Berkeley have taught me to think ethically about data and I hope my work can make a positive impact on other's lives.


Q: What advice would you give to students curious about data science?

My advice would be to use data science as an opportunity to not only develop inferential and computational reasoning skills but to learn more about another field or aspect of the world based on data. Data can be found all around us; don't be afraid to explore!