Name Job title Role
Caressa Mulder Senior Financial Analyst Staff
Cassidy Chansirik This is Data Science
Catherine Ceniza Choy Associate Dean of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Belonging, and Justice Leadership
Charis Thompson Associate Dean for Campus Partnerships Leadership
Andy Cho Data Collaboratives Fellow Student
Chris Holdgraf Community Architect Staff
Christina Teller Executive Director of Academic Programs Staff
Ciera Martinez Biodiversity and Environmental Sciences Lead, BIDS 150W
Claire Huang This is Data Science
Claudia von Vacano Data Scholars Program Partner; D-Lab and Humanities Executive Staff
Claudia von Vacano Executive Director, D-Lab 150W
Conan Minihan This is Data Science
Cynthia LuBien Chief Development Officer Leadership
DK Kennedy This is Data Science
Dor Chavoinik This is Data Science
Edith Coulter First Female Leader of the I School (Acting Chair) 150W
Eric Van Dusen Outreach and Tech Lead; Lecturer Staff
Fred Smith Academic Support Services Manager Staff
Gina Raible Development Assistant Staff
Ian Castro This is Data Science