Anthony Suen

Job title: 
Co-curricular Programs Lead
Data Science Education Program

Anthony is the Director of Programs at the Data Science Undergraduate Studies in the Division of Computing, Data Science, and Society.

Anthony is the first staff member recruited to be part of the Data Science Initiative in 2015.

Anthony founded many data science programs and initiatives such as:

  • Data Science Discovery 
  • Data Science Modules
  • Data Scholars
  • Data Peer Consulting
  • National Workshop on Data Science Education
  • Data Science Student Teams 
  • Global Adoption 
  • Connector Assistant Program
  • Online Learning Services
  • Student Infrastructure Team (Gofegrader, Ottergrader)
  • UC Berkeley Cloud Meetup 
  • Data Science Nexus
  • Data Collaboratives

Anthony was previously a Data Science Fellow at the Berkeley Institute for Data Science and a Schenider Fellow at the Natural Resources Defense Council Beijing Office. Anthony holds a Masters in International Policy from Stanford University and a Masters of Information Management and Systems from UC Berkeley. At Berkeley, Anthony founded the first Data Science club on campus.