Abhishek Roy

Program Coordinator
Discovery Program

Hello! I'm a Junior double majoring in Data Science and Economics. I'm super passionate about using Data Analytics for research in a variety of fields, and have been with the Discovery Program since Spring 2020. I joined as a Data Collaboratives Fellow, working with seven research projects, mostly focusing on the applications of AI in Healthcare. I then became a student researcher in Fall 2020 and am now back inn Spring 2021 as a Program Co-ordinator. I'm responsible for working with other Co-ordinators to expand the program through our external operations like media, marketing, and partner recruiting. I will also be sharing thought-provoking insights from different research projects as Spotlights and will help revamp our web presence. I hope my work and experience can enhance the program to help students continue learning new techniques and contributing to research projects that have a significant social impact. Stoked to be working with Discovery!