Data science students can borrow laptops for the semester

Students enrolled in Foundations of Data Science (CS / Info / Statistics C8) or connector courses at Berkeley can now borrow laptop computers from the Library for t

Data science research opportunities for undergraduates

Undergraduate students interested in data science have a unique opportunity to apply the skills learned in class to hands-on research projects led by UC Berkeley faculty.

Data science fall courses announced

To help students navigate an increasingly data-filled world, this fall Berkeley is ramping up its burgeoning Data Science education program, with over a thousand un

Bringing Berkeley’s data science story to the Microsoft Faculty Summit

UC Berkeley’s burgeoning data science curriculum was one of the topics discussed at this year’s Microsoft Faculty Summit, held July 13-15 in Redmond, Washington.

Foundations of Data Science, by the numbers

This fall, more than 500 students are taking Foundations of Data Science, Berkeley's lower-division data science course for students of all majors. A survey w

Berkeley's Data Scholars: Next-Gen Data Scientists

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New data science course on hydrology and malaria

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Intermediate data science course open for enrollment


Introducing the Berkeley Data Science News

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