Jennifer Chayes elected as honorary member of London Mathematical Society

Jennifer Chayes has been elected an honorary member of the United Kingdom’s premier organization advancing, disseminating and promoting mathematical knowledge. Chayes, associate provost for UC Berkeley’s Division of Computing, Data Science, and Society, is one of two honorary members confirmed by the London Mathematical Society this year, the group said in its July 1 announcement. The society highlighted Chayes’s “fundamental contributions” to mathematics, computation and other related fields in its citation.

Workshop for data science educators welcomes national and international perspectives

UC Berkeley’s fifth annual National Workshop on Data Science Education brought together national and international perspectives on teaching undergraduate data science. Topics ranged from curriculum development to human contexts and ethics to student-led data science groups and programs. This was the first year the workshop was carried out in a hybrid format, with in-person presentations and training the first two days, online panels the next two days and technology demonstrations on the final day.

UC Berkeley and Tuskegee University announce data science partnership

Tuskegee University and UC Berkeley recently announced the Berkeley-Tuskegee Data Science Initiative, a multi-year partnership to develop curriculum and collaborative research opportunities for students and faculty at both institutions. Charlotte Morris, president of Tuskegee University, recently met with Berkeley Chancellor Carol Christ to discuss the new initiative. Faculty from both universities also discussed the partnership at the National Workshop on Data Science Education.

UC Berkeley named #1 online master’s in cybersecurity

The Master of Information and Cybersecurity (MICS) program at UC Berkeley ranked #1 among online cybersecurity master’s degree programs, according to an analysis by Fortune magazine released on June 30, 2022.

Supreme Court abortion ruling will radiate deep into American lives, scholars say

The landmark decision by the U.S. Supreme Court will almost immediately limit access to abortions in some states, but in the days and weeks to come, the shock waves will reach deeply into American life, UC Berkeley scholars say.

Data science students help American Heart Association improve care for patients nationwide

The American Heart Association has been a project partner with UC Berkeley’s Data Science Discovery program for three years. Recent graduates Elizabeth Hong, Vihaan Manchanda and Maggie Wang completed internships with the association this past spring, supporting the Get With The Guidelines® programs, which maintain a database of over 10 million patient records from hospitals across the United States. The program uses this data to provide hospitals with metrics that help them improve care for their patients. The interns’ work was so impressive that all three were offered jobs at the association.

Plenoxels convert 2D images into navigable, photorealistic 3D worlds in minutes

Imagine taking a few photos with your mobile phone and quickly converting them into a 3D scene that you could navigate. This may soon be possible with a new technology developed by UC Berkeley researchers that can reconstruct photorealistic 3D worlds in just minutes — without the aid of artificial intelligence.

National Workshop on Data Science Education to foster collaboration online and on campus June 27-July 1

Educators from five continents will participate in the fifth annual National Workshop on Data Science Education at UC Berkeley, which promises to bring together diverse perspectives on teaching data science. The 2022 workshop, held from June 27 to July 1, incorporates in-person and online sessions in a unique format. The first two days offer training on campus, while the following three days feature hybrid online presentations, panel discussions and technology demonstrations. It’s free for both in-person and online participants to register for the conference.

New anthology, community celebrates creativity in data science

Designers, artists and scientists celebrated the creativity of data science and called for a more inclusive, transparent and ethically-focused field in a new anthology published this month.

New UC Berkeley initiative uses AI research to solve climate problems

The new Berkeley AI Research Climate Initiative aims to build partnerships and conduct groundbreaking artificial intelligence research in service of solving one of society’s most intractable problems: climate change.