August 6, 2019

Executive Vice Chancellor & Provost Paul Alivisatos sent the following message today:

Dean of Undergraduate Studies Bob Jacobsen has agreed to succeed David Culler as the Interim Dean of the existing division effective immediately. Bob will work closely with the incoming Associate Provost and Dean, once named, even before that person arrives. Concurrently, Bob will continue to serve as Dean of Undergraduate Studies without interruption. Two key leaders supporting the Interim Dean also warrant mention. Cathryn Carson will continue to serve as Faculty Lead, Data Science Education Program, and Heidi Hoffman will continue to serve as the Interim Chief of Staff/Chief Administrative Officer for the Division. Please join me in thanking David Culler for the remarkable work he has done in leading the launch of this endeavor over the past two years as Interim Dean. Berkeley is indebted to David for his role in fueling the rise of this organization. 

With Anno Saxenian, former Dean of the I School, having stepped out of the leadership role this summer, John Chuang now serves as Head of the School. To minimize disruptions, the School of Information will continue to report directly to me as Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost until the Associate Provost and Dean can be appointed. 

We will announce the new Associate Provost and Dean just as soon as the selection is final. My thanks go to all faculty, staff, student workers, and other supporters who continue to build this new division and its many flourishing programs with imagination and energy.