RISELab receives NSF's Expeditions in Computing Award

February 27, 2018

Photo: Ion Stoica

The National Science Foundation's (NSF) Expeditions in Computing Award has provided $10 million in funding over five years to RISELab's Secure, Real-Time Decisions on Live Data Project led by Ion Stoica. A new era is rising in which AI systems will play an increasingly central role in people’s lives by revolutionizing healthcare, transportation and the way business is conducted. This Expeditions project seeks to build AI decision systems to address these challenges by developing open source platforms, tools and algorithms for Real-time, Intelligent, Secure and Explainable (RISE) decisions. The project will also empower a large community of pioneers to build innovative applications and solutions, as well as broaden participation in research activities by allowing students and researchers across many disciplines to contribute.

"The Expeditions projects being awarded today are not only taking on challenging research problems in computer and information science and engineering, but they are also offering the potential to yield tremendous benefits to multiple sectors of our society," said Jim Kurose, NSF assistant director for Computer and Information Science and Engineering. "We are delighted to be able to fund these projects, which represent the largest single investments in our portfolio."

Since the inception of the program a decade ago, NSF has funded 22 Expeditions in Computing awards. Over the years, NSF-funded Expeditions awards have pursued foundational research in a range of areas spanning computing hardware and software, wireless networks, robotics, Big Data, artificial intelligence (AI), and synthetic biology and molecular programming, to name a few.