Students walking toward Sather Gate on the Berkeley campus. (Photo /Keegan Houser)
The 2022 National Workshop on Data Science Education will feature in-person training on the UC Berkeley campus as well as hybrid online presentations, panel discussions and technology demonstrations. (Photo/ Keegan Houser)

Educators from five continents will participate in the fifth annual National Workshop on Data Science Education at UC Berkeley, which promises to bring together diverse perspectives on teaching data science. 

“There’s a lot of excitement about this year because the conference has reached a point of maturity,” said Eric Van Dusen, outreach and technology lead for the Data Science Undergraduate Studies program. “We have presenters who can now reflect on their experiences implementing the data science curriculum they discovered through this workshop.” 

The event facilitates conversations between educators shaping data science at the undergraduate level, with topics ranging from the ethical implications of AI to incorporating Python into statistics and computer science classes. 

The 2022 workshop, held from June 27 to July 1, incorporates in-person and online sessions in a unique format. The first two days offer training on campus, while the following two feature hybrid online presentations and panel discussions. On Friday, July 1, there will be online technology demonstrations by non-profit collaboration 2i2c/Cloudbank and companies with data science platforms, including Microsoft, Deepnote and Tableau. It’s free for both in-person and online participants to register for the conference.

Attendees will learn about the cutting-edge data science courses and open-source tools developed at Berkeley, hear insights from educators at other institutions and identify areas for the continued growth of data science education. In addition to Berkeley faculty and program leaders, presenters include faculty from Tuskegee University on the development of Data 6 and adopters of Data 8 from around the world. 

Flyer for the 2022 National Workshop on Data Science Education. (Photo /Adam Lau)
It's free for both in-person and online participants to register for the 2022 workshop. (Photo /Adam Lau)

Van Dusen added that he anticipates conversations on diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging and justice in data science and STEM. Researchers from UC Berkeley’s D-Lab will also present findings on diversity and inclusion in data science in an online panel discussion.  

The California Alliance on Data Science Education will facilitate a panel that focuses on improving the pathway for transfer students from community colleges, an area that Berkeley’s Data Science Undergraduate Studies program has sought to address. Presenters will include instructors from community colleges, California State University and the University of California. 

“The conference is a terrific opportunity for educators to learn from one another,” said Van Dusen. “We’re excited to build on those existing collaborations and develop new partnerships.”