Foundations of Data Science, by the numbers

October 7, 2016

This fall, more than 500 students are taking Foundations of Data Science, Berkeley's lower-division data science course for students of all majors. A survey was completed in September by nearly all of the enrolled students in the Fall course (504 out of 517), taught this fall by Professor Ani Adhikari of Statistics. Below is a snapshot of the students enrolled in the course this fall.

  • 59: Total number of majors (and intended majors), as self-identified
  • 50.2% female
  • 22% describe themselves as a member of an underrepresented ethnic or racial group
  • 54% in their first or second year 
  • More than half have little/no programming background

Further details from the survey are shown below.

Graphic showing majors of DS8 students

year in studies of students in Data 8