Discovery Exchange Team Feature: Arlo Malmberg

August 5, 2020

The Discovery Exchange would not be possible without the people who helped make the online hub into what it is: a summer program that provides undergraduate students with the support, community, and resources to engage in data science research remotely. Among them is Arlo Malmberg, who facilitated and advised student research teams. 


Question: What is your role in the Discovery Exchange program?

Answer: I am the Program Manager for the Data Science Discovery program, so I bring a lot of experience in forming and supporting teams of undergraduates to work on data science projects.


Q: How have you worked to support students remotely?

A: The magic of Discovery Exchange is that it helps super motivated and excited students to find each other. So once we created the forum for team formation, I have spent a lot of time just talking to student teams, helping them direct that energy towards focused, innovative, clever data-centric project ideas.


Q: Any additional comments?

A: I am thrilled to see all the energy from students that is bubbling through Zoom and into the Discovery Exchange community. We are going to continue to iterate and improve upon Discovery Exchange, and I hope everyone that wants to get their hands dirty in real-world data comes and checks out Discovery Exchange.


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