October 8, 2020

When the Data Science Leadership Summit and the Academic Data Science Alliance (ADSA) convene their annual meetings virtually on Oct. 12-16, faculty and staff from UC Berkeley's Berkeley Institute for Data Science (BIDS), the Data Science Education Program (DSEP), the Human Contexts and Ethics (HCE) program and the Division of Computing, Data Science, and Society will make key contributions to the back-to-back meetings.

BIDS has played a key role in the ADSA community since it first convened in 2018.  ADSA grew out of the Moore-Sloan Data Science Environments (MSDSE) — BIDS along with the data science organizations at New York University and the University of Washington -- and borrows heavily from the culture and values of the MSDSEs.  It has become a fast-growing, influential nationwide community of academic data science leaders from over 20 universities. 

This year, BIDS Executive Director David Mongeau and Cathryn Carson, previously CDSS Associate Dean for Strategy and Planning, are members of the planning committee for the Data Science Leadership Summit. 

On Monday, Oct. 12, Mongeau will co-chair a panel discussion on Building Data Science Opportunities through Academic Partnerships. “The panel topic has become so timely as universities consider how to serve all students with resources so strained by the pandemic,” Mongeau said. “Academic partnerships can prove enormously effective.” Eric Van Dusen of the DSEP will also lead a breakout discussion on scaling data science education programs to campus-scale in a networking session on "Sharing and Learning from the Trenches of Data Science."

On Wednesday., Oct. 14, which is a joint session with the ADSA Annual Meeting, Carson will co-chair a much-anticipated session conceived at last year’s summit on ADSA Ethics Working Group Products: the Ethos Lifecycle Interactive Tool and Research Administration Guidelines. The Data Science Ethos Lifecycle draws on the work of the Berkeley HCE team, including Margo Boenig-Liptsin, Ari Edmundson, and undergraduates Anna-Maria Gueorguieva and Carlos Ortiz.

Carson also recruited keynote speaker Ruha Benjamin, who earned her Ph.D. from Berkeley and is now an Associate Professor in the Department of African American Studies at Princeton University. Benjamin spoke on 2020 Vision: Reimagining the Default Settings of Technology & Society during the Oct. 14, joint session of the two meetings.

Additionally, CDSS will be represented at the back-to-back meetings, as follows:

  • During the opening session of the Wednesday joint meeting, Meredith Lee, executive director of the NSF West Big Data Hub at Berkeley, will co-chair the opening panel session on Rapid Response Data Science: Frameworks For Effective Mobilization During Crises

  • When the 2020 ADSA Annual Meeting continues on Thursday, Oct. 15, CDSS Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education Deb Nolan and her former Ph.D. student (and former BIDS Data Science Fellow) Sara Stoudt, now at Smith College, will co-host a breakout session on Communicating with Data: how and where does it fit in the data science curriculum?

  • Also on Thursday, Oct. 15, BIDS Data Science Fellow Valeri Vasquez, BIDS Biodiversity and Environmental Sciences Lead Ciera Martinez and Stoudt will hold a breakout session on Principles for data-intensive research workflows: Guidance for the classroom and the computational laboratory

  •  In the final research session on Friday, Daniela Ushizima, a staff scientist at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory with joint appointments at BIDS and UC San Francisco, will present a research update on ACTS: Accelerating COVID-19 Testing with Screening as part of the closing talks on Friday, Oct. 16.