Berkeley Undergraduates Making Data Science Accessible Across Disciplines

Spring 2020 Data Science Showcase

May 14, 2020

At UC Berkeley, not only are professors advancing the field of data science; undergraduate students also are making an impact in their own right. They are designing data science curriculum, participating in research development, creating course materials with data sets, embedding responsible and ethical principles into data science curriculum, and engaging in research partnerships with entrepreneurs and corporations. 

The annual Data Science Showcase earlier this month was an opportunity for our undergraduate student teams to share the data science projects they have engaged in throughout this semester. There was a wide range of projects from the Discovery Program, Human Contexts and Ethics, and Modules Program teams. 

Discovery Program students are matched into teams to complete data science research with partner corporations, researchers, and entrepreneurs; the Human Context and Ethics team focus on social concepts and frameworks in technology and data science curriculum; and Modules Program students create curricula that integrate data science into existing courses. 

“Employers are eager for students who can lead, innovate, and flex with the challenges that come with real-world applications,” shared Jennifer Chayes, Associate Provost of the Division of Computing, Data Science, and Society at the opening of the Showcase. 

Over the next few months, we will share examples of the dynamic student work we highlighted at the Showcase event, beginning with four Discovery Program projects: Environmental Justice, Understanding Flight Performance Data (NASA Ames), Making Cyberspace Inclusive,  and BEACO2N. Congratulations to our students for your hard work and leadership throughout the year.