Modules: Jupyter Notebook Developer

Position Details

Eligible for units or pay

Some projects may be eligible for paid compensation. Please contact us for more information.

8 hrs/wk

Application closed

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Job Description

Modules Jupyter Notebook Developers write code and text in Jupyter notebooks to teach data science in lower-division Connector Courses, upper-division Data-Enabled Courses, or short explorations of data science in non-data-science courses called Modules.

See our Summer 2021 development projects here (subject to change).


  • Develop data science lessons and explorations in Jupyter notebooks for teaching/educational purposes
  • Work closely with professors and graduate students to perform data analytics, data visualization, and/or data mapping in Python or R
  • Teach/present finished materials in remote classes (depending on the course) 
  • Host office hours to support students in the course (depending on the course)
  • Attend remote training on teaching and consulting for data science
  • Complete periodic check-ins with Notebook Developer team leads
Preferred Qualifications
  • Passion for shaping inclusive undergraduate learning at Berkeley
  • Teaching and/or leadership experience
  • Completion of Data 8 or equivalent (e.g. CS 61a and Stat 20)
  • Experience with Git version control

We are a proud equal opportunity employer and encourage applications from people with diverse backgrounds and belonging to groups under-represented in STEM, including women and historically underrepresented minorities.