Infrastructure: Software Development Intern

Position Details

Eligible for units

8 hrs/wk

Application closed

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Job Description

The Infrastructure team is looking for software development interns to help develop and maintain infrastructure and autograding programs for widespread external use. As a pioneer in undergraduate data science education, UC Berkeley is looking to help grow a community of practice in data science pedagogy and infrastructure worldwide. We are hoping to popularize our open source infrastructure solutions used to facilitate data science courses around the country. This opportunity is an exciting intersection between software development and data science for education. As a software development intern, you will be part of a fast-paced organization and develop features for open-source products with a global reach; our current software is used by tens of thousands of students across the country. You will work with more experienced developers to learn about the software development life cycle and gain experience towards an advanced position.

  • Iteratively develop open source software regarding data science education
  • Develop robust features for autograding software, to be used at UC Berkeley and elsewhere
  • Package existing software for widespread use and open source distribution
  • Maintain infrastructural reliability for our MOOC, Data 8X 
  • Learn about Agile development methodologies and common development frameworks
  • Passionate about data science and growing data science education (inter)nationally
  • Familiarity with a modern programming language: Python, Java, C++, Ruby, etc.
  • Demonstrated coding ability, including the ability to debug and extend code in existing projects
  • Good communication skills and ability to work individually and in a team
  • Great attention to detail
Bonus Qualifications
  • Prior experience in software development in a team
  • Experience in facilitating a data science course, project, research, etc.
  • Have taken or are currently taking Data Science courses offered at UC Berkeley
  • Have taken or are currently taking upper division Computer Science courses at UC Berkeley

We are a proud equal opportunity employer and encourage applications from people with diverse backgrounds and belonging to groups under-represented in STEM, including women and historically underrepresented minorities.